Warhammer: Into the Old World

Letters from Karak Azgal 2

Session from 25 March 2012

Greetings Silverforge,

It seems we survive another day and Ulric smiles down on our violent lives.

After defeating the spiders Rudy chased down Gregor and we found Gory our dwarven guide as well. After a bit to catch our breath we actually took a moment to look around. We ventured forward a bit and came to a three way stop, taking the advice of Rudi we went right. Rudi chimed that you can’t go wrong if you go right. With no real plan we ventured this way. After a while we came to another intersection that split off in four more different directions plus the way we came. Going right again Kirsten stopped us saying she felt a need to scout ahead this time since we seemed to have a habit of walking right into trouble. Gottri admitted only that he liked trouble and having it readily available for him to get into made for killing things quite convenient.

Some discussion on lighting while scouting with our wizard Kirsten took off on a small scouting jaunt ahead of us to see what she could find now equipped with a magical light source. In a few moments time she came back and reported finding eight spiders a little smaller than the ones before but supposedly there was treasure close by. We agreed to dispatch the spiders before searching the room for treasure.

Gottri took point simply walking almost all the way into the room before they attacked. Spiders oddly enough we realized did not think like people. They did not come at us on the ground initially at least not all of them, most skittered along the walls and ceiling landing between the lot of us and a chaotic battle ensued. I at one point got bitten by a spider and became paralyzed and watched from the ground while the battle loomed around me from my unmoving position. We eventually killed the spiders though a tingling sensation through me let me know Ursala had cured me of the poison. I thanked her as I got up and we searched the area, to the back end of the cave that opened up we found a small sack of gold coins and a gem. We found a dwarven memento as well possibly an heirloom. It was probably not worth much trying to sell it but we kept it anyway. Venturing down the path lead us to a dead end not far from the save we were in.

Going down the next path again with Kirsten scouting ahead she came back and reported something different. Rats. Large rats to be precise, about the size one would want for a prize winner sow or a small pony. She also commented they were eating spiders and goblins and were a bit preoccupied it seemed so we did have a chance to surprise them. Fifteen rats busily scavenged over the remains of the goblins and spiders. Wertha snuck up on them casting a sphere of cold on about half of the group, the other half noticing us after we ran up when half of the rats were trying to slowly skitter out of the cold. The rats fell easily enough, the high light being me noticing Rudi’s shot reporting out a little higher than normal before spotting Rudi atop Gregor’s shoulders to fire his rifle over the group. Gottri racing forward with a battle cry inspired Gregor to follow much to Rudi’s dismay and protest since in the mist of the fight Gregor had forgotten his employer on his shoulders who eventually got thrown off into the sphere of cold which he scrambled out of. After the rats were all dead I lamented we could have kept one or two as pets to kill spiders but it was quickly shot down. We found nothing much besides a small chest amongst what was left of the goblins. A small piece of metal with a spider got a cluck of Ursala’s tongue as she frowned recognizing the spider god of forest goblins. We found a bit of coin inside and pried the symbol off and moved on.

We traversed a bridge over lava that was a little dicey at times but made it across to find another group of adventures. A dwarf, an elf, and two humans greeted us and we made ideal chit chat before they left leaving for the topside and offered us their fire and camp. After a brief rest and mending wounds we headed down to a lower level of the cavernous system of tunnels.
We traveled a way through tunnels before we came to a room with strange machines, dwarven our guide told us and watched as they shot out jets of steam at various locations and intervals. We grumbled as we all made mad dashed through with not much in the way of injures except for Wertha and Gregor getting burned. After I provided some first aid we saw them as we came into the next open area of the caves.

Mostly pink or reddish two legged odd creatures hopped about in a maddening or mindless state until they saw us and Gottri seemed to develop a visible twitch sniffing the air. The squiggs bobbled in our direction from the sudden noises that boomed out of Gottri.

“Goblins!” he suddenly roared charging the squigs looking around for the ‘little green vermin’ he saught out to slaughter.

We downed the squigs quickly but the goblins hidden from view did nothing to slow Gottri, but for the rest of us a bit more cautious in our fight slowed out advance due to their arrows. At one point Gottri roared again dropping his ax and pulling arrows out of his armor before landing them on the closest goblin as he leaped onto him stabbing the arrows down into the small creatures face and eyes. Gottri laughed maniacally as his gaze left the dying thing and focused on the next closest goblin. Kirsten dispatched one of the goblins at close range to see the rest screaming in terror a weaponless Gottri snarling, cursing, and snapping close behind as he stabbed another in the back with all things two very bloody and broken arrows. Gregor was chasing him with Gottri’s ax in his hands. Kirsten followed the duo with Gregor yelling for the dwarf to stop and his boss to hurry up.

The rest of us caught up on the trio, Gregor still standing there holding Gottri’s ax and the other two still in a heap on the ground looking quite upheaval. Kirsten between ragged breathes of air took off her helm and explained Gottri had calmed down. We took a moment to regroup and figure out our next action before carrying on.



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