Warhammer: Into the Old World

Letters from Karak Azgal 3

April 10th Session


Time down here blurs, without night and day we grew weary surprisingly as well as have the notion to press on when we are under the impression we should rest. I’m not really sure about the frequency of these letters but I guess you’ll get them when you get them. After meeting up to Gottri and catching our breath we pressed forward in the direction of Gottri’s wounded Goblin quarry. We found dried splotches of blood periodically but no goblins.

Between myself and Kirsten we tracked the Goblins’ blood trail and started noticing rat droppings, mind you we didn’t have exceptional vision at the time the dropping were just big, about the side of a war dog’s. I whistled at one point when Kirsten stepped on one and commented she had thirty eight more to dodge. She scowled. We came to a split in the path and headed right until we came to another two way split and headed right. We found a small subterrane area, we found it hadn’t seen acticity for some time, there was refuse and it was quit dusty.

Moving out we headed down the left direction of the split seeing areas of crude drawings in what appeared to be smeared into place with rat droppings, I guess that’s one use of them. As Kirsten scouted ahead we waited calmly. That is until we heard a small yelp and Kirsten disappeared into the ground. A pit had been hidden probably a trap and a groan from the trap that had swallowed her from within let us know she was at least still alive but possibly hurt. Gottri chuckled muttering something about humans and caves as he moved forward with a coil of climbing rope. Yelping followed by a curse in Dwarven let us know Gottri had fallen into a similar trap. Neither called out to be severely hurt.

Bellowing roars, snarls, grunts, and woops were heard as four very large orcs in scraps of cloth various armor pieces covered with smeared icons in rat poo rushed us. Fortunately we had a gap now between us as we back pedaled. Rudi noticed movement off to his left from the other split and leveled his weapon and fired at the possible foe. A bullet bounced off it.

A heavy ridge of tough thick scales spread up from above the eyes of the beast as if it was wearing a helmet made of metal. Horns jutted out of it’s neck forward as a reptilitan tongue sensed the air tasting new prey. Three orcs slashed and whipped it from behind urging it closer to us. It took long liquid like strides staying absurdly low to the ground as it hissed and made biting and gnashing sounds with it’s mouth. At it’s shoulders odd stubs moved about oddly as the beast shambled towards us. A wyvern. Or rather what would have been a Wyvern if it still had it’s wings but they seemed to have been hacked off. No, this was a wingless, very annoyed, very hungry, violent looking creature that didn’t see us as a group of adventurers or intruders. It saw food. Gregor only had time to say ‘Oh’ before Rudi finished, ‘Bullocks’. Maddened by the terror I’m ashamed to say I suddenly did what a normal person would do when seeing what amounted to a least dangerous but still lethal beast that for all intent and purposes was a dragon… I ran. Rudi and Gregor were not far behind me. Gory, our guide for a stout short fellow was surprisingly agile and nimble when he wanted to be as he sprinted by the three of us. The party was scattered.

From what Gottri and Kirsten told me she tried jumping up and out but a few spears being lobbed at her made it a bit harder to concentrate. Gottri first smelling and than seeing the fowl greenskins saw ready entering a fury that had him bounding out of the bit and slashing to metal, rat poo, and orc faster than the unintelligent trap setters could let out a grunt. Kristen finally got up slashing into the back of the final orc of the four orc group getting a curse from Gottri. He was covered in the dark brackish iccor blood of the orcs when he heard screams and the clashing of metal down from our direction. Gottri rumbled Kirsten would nah steal another downed ‘green’ from him this day and leaped over the pitfalls and into what he thought would be his continued unslaught.

Wertha and Ursala after noticing the flank began preparing for the side attack until Rudi, Gregor and me suddenly bolted from in front of them. Wertha cased a geyser of water that didn’t really damage the beast but it knocked it back and onto the orc handlers giving Wertha and Ursala enough time to chase after the rest of the fleeing party. Ursala was the first to stop when started running back coing out of the maddening terror leveling my bow with determined steps and started to let loose arrows into the orcs and beast. Wertha kept the beast at bay as it lashed towards us with several geysers as I peppered the beast and men. Rudi showed up later joining in. Gottri charged down the hallway and came face to face with the Wyvern. This got him to spit out of the side of his mouth before he slammed his two handed ax down into the beast causing it to shriek in pain. As Kirsten came up and started attacking the beast as well Gottri in full battle fury jumped back while barking something along the lines of ‘not stealing his quarry this time’ and slashed at the beast vertically starting from the underbelly of the beast. Blood splattered to the ceiling as its internal organs seemed to fly out of the beast and hitting the ceiling with a wet smack. With the orcs and beast down Rudi commented after cutting off the beasts barbed tail if the skin could be fashioned into some boots.

Catching our breathe we heard more warcries and the stampede of more orcs coming at us. The second wave. From towards the pits four orcs were lead by an orc with a large tribal staff and covered his head with a dead creature of some sort. Shrieks and hisses came from the side tunnel again as we wedged the remains of the dead wyvern in the side tunnel setting it ablaze. Another wyvern came followed by two handlers, they seemed even larger. The shrieks of the beast which was not even guided by whip or cane shrieked in horror and range from its fellow creepy reptile sibling I thought.

As I notched and arrow and brought it up to eye level I expected some to run, possible even myself as I steeled my resolve. I didn’t expect it to be Gottri. Rudi and Gregor took off with Gottri close behind. Shifting away from the Wyvern I yelled to Wertha asking her to keep it at bay while I took a knee and packed three arrows in a tight formation into what I thought to be a shaman among the other orcs. It gurgled dropping something and fell backwards as it’s tribeman pushed on. Kirsten joined into the ranged picking off of the orcs with pistols but not with as great an effect as my bow. I whittled down the orcs advancing noticing the shaman had fallen or slunk away to the back of the pack or aly dead behind them, I couldn’t tell.

I focused then at the closer dangers in the immediate now that the orcs had thinned and were still a ways off, the dragon got a mouth full of arrows. Rudi popped up next to me leveled his rifle mentioning something about a surprise attack, meaning himself as he fired yelling surprise. The report was almost as loud as the shriek from the beast, a bullet shattering teeth from the side of its mouth. Rudi chided muttering his site must have been off from the running around. Several arrows from behind him felling the beast and a comment from me about knowing his pain got a smirk out of the short one.

Wertha continued to push the creature, dead now, back with Geysers onto the orcs behind it who started to gnash at the fallen creature each time it fell on them. No one likes a wizard who uses your dead really big pet as battering rams to smack you around, usually the bad guys.
Sounds of Kirsten screaming in pain and yelling for help in an annoyed tight voice got our attention. With the constant water the fire had gone out giving Rudi now a makeshift mount for his rifle to take shots at the two orcs. Nodding in the direction of Kirsten Rudi exclaimed to go since he was busy. He commented that he couldn’t always be saving her as he shot into the orcs as they got up. I raced down the tunnel towards the larger cave opening.

Kirsten had decided to charge the remaining orcs, one wounded the other shuffling forward instead of helping with the wyvern that was almost on us. As she had hacked down the wounded stunned orc the other ran in fear and she chased it. As it stopped running it turned and smiled. Kirsten had fallen into another trap, not a pitfall but walling into a full circle of six orcs with armor and dangerous looking weapons. She had managed to kill the one that had suckered her in but the orcs crowded around her menacingly as she put her back to the wall. There was one who got left out of the hungry back of orcs as they advanced. He was the first to get shot in the back by me, three arrows in his back and without the notice of the others. Kirsten changed tactics since her life was on the line and defensive kept the pack at bay. They thinned a bit as she noticed them fall around her. I waved when she saw me before notching one more arrow which imbedded itself dangerously close to her in the side of an orc’s skull less than a foot away.

Ursala’s hand was on my forearm suddenly telling me to be careful. A blessing from the deity of mercy washed over me. Her words had me absentmindedly let my gaze drift to her back next to me. I had previous missed a shot or two into combat and landed a few arrows in her back. The sound of her wailing afterwards as the arrows were removed one by one still rang in my head. She didn’t have the concentration to heal her own wounds due to the level of pain. Her back now was a little broader although still feminine was enclosed in chainmail, just in case. She lifted her hands and gave a silent prayer a trail of blue and gold energy leapt from her to Kirsten. ‘just in case’ I muttered to myself with a sigh. “I know’ came the words from me as I let loose a single arrow letting my concentration draw out with each shot now. Kirsten’s life was protect now by Ursala’s spell but if she still took to much damage it’d be Ursala who was on the ground dieing instead. No pressure there.

Wertha came up as well having heard Rudi reloading and claiming he’d finish off the last two orcs his way. Kirsten now two on one emboldened again lashed out against the orcs and felled the rest before coming over to the rest of us. Gregor came jogging up, a roar followed eventually by Gottri showed up as well. He looked around and swore realizing everything was dead. Everyone looking at him got him to change several shades of red as he looked down and glowered muttering about remembering he had dropped his favorite drinking mug. We all smirked a bit tired. Rudi whistling as he came up and aimed at imaginary enemies with his pistols before fake pummeling them with the hilts that now sported Wyvern Stingers Pistols. ‘Good for shooting and pummeling, now with every pummel’ Rudi mused a little bit of crazy creeping into his eyes.

Supposedly when you’re a Savage Orc who’s really big and just coming to after being stunned if you’re ever in a situation where a small Halfling comes up to you humming and singing quietly before he shoots you in the face hopefully you can’t understand it when he sings, “Who can kill Vaaaampires? Orges, a Troll or two… Sick a dragon on em and he’ll kill it, skin it, and eat em up too… lips smack Oooh Rudi can…. And when he’s all done he’ll be coming right for you.” Hopefully all you semicoherently notice is the barrel in your face when you’re in pain and then nothing… Otherwise, it’s just kinda creepy for someone so small to be that scary.

We barricaded ourselves into the unused cave we had found and try to rest. There might have been a third wave soon.



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