Warhammer: Into the Old World

Letters from Karak Azgal 5

Greetings Master Silverforge,

With the bodies laid to rest and last rights performed we turned out attentions to the large ornate tomb in the middle of the room the shadow figure had originally be next to. Kirsten was the first to step up to check the tomb; I asked if she wanted to check for traps to which she fool-heartedly dismissed as unnecessary. From the bottom of the steps up I thought it looked clear. Kirsten scoffed and looked up as she walked up the stairs, the yelp and wails that followed though were almost tell tale of a trap when she disappeared. She called for a rope or assistance of something or anything to get her out.

Gottri quickly took rope clucking his tongue as the brash woman’s decision. He probably had a flash back to earlier when this happened before or he let out a surprised roar as he grabbed onto the side of the pit that opened up underneath him. Rudi shook his head and slowly traversed the path looking for traps along the way. Since he knew what he was looking for the pressure plates seemed more obvious as he assisted Gottri up out of the tunnel down. Tossing a rope down to
Kirsten got her quickly and cautiously running down to a safer area. Gottri drunk on thoughts of treasure continued on as Kirsten explained the pit open out to the lava lake below we had seen. Meanwhile the roar from Gottri got our attention again smoke wafting up from the tomb now ajar. Parts of his beard has melted away leaving behind a pockmarked area or two giving his beard an odd shape.
Eventually Gottri got the tomb open and he laughed greedily seeing a dwarf noble of some sort in full Gromgil armor. Wertha using a spell to traverse the distance without touching the steps. She patted him on the shoulder and came back down just as gracefully on unseen winds. Gottri howled knocking the lid of the tomb away before storming down. Wertha whispered to the rest of us it had been an illusion the bottom of the grave was empty except a piece of cloth she had found plus a small bed of needles. Probably for any who could not see through the illusion to skewer their hand on.

When asked to scout ahead Kirsten flat out refused having been through an ordeal already. I muttered her being the exact opposite of being wise beyond her years and checked out the area in front of us slowly but methodically. I may not have the level of perception she had but at least I bothered to use it. She once began to say something a look of impatience on her face but it quickly melted away her muttering turned to silence as I looked at her offering her point again to scout and look for traps with a flourished wave of my hand. I marked out an area that seemed safe enough since I hadn’t gotten injured scratching into the stone tiled floor with my sword here and there.

Eventually we made it to the large doors on the other side of the room that the shadowy figure had gone through. Kirsten and Gottri went to open the massive doors when I let out a shrill whistle. Mentioning it might be trapped had the same effect as it suddenly bursting on fire. Again Kirsten showed no will to check for traps hiding behind Gottri. I inspected the lock and gingerly tried to move it, no special mechanics just a locked door. After some searching over the door with Gottri and Kirsten next to me doing the same I finally found a hidden handle in the design of the door and pulled a smaller door the size of a man open. I walked through and looked around.

The next room was mostly caved in with mostly rubble and dust covering the long since collapsed area. Having Wertha nail a piton into the ceiling since our group scout still had feelings of doom about her helped me thread a rope to mount pulling the coffin lid up without getting too close. The hoist and ducking was anti climatic it seemed but safe which had greater value to say the least. The coffin was actually quite large even for a large man. Inside though there was an area in the bottom broken out, a tunnel down underneath. We slowly made our way down to dirt covered floors of tunnels not as polished as those of dwarven design. Kirsten pushed her way to the front to ‘scout’ now that there would be less danger.
Taking the path to the right we found a small cropping of rocks towards the middle of a room, everyone thought it odd I slammed my back to the wall and said to hug the walls as arrows came peppering Kisten and Gottri. Ten sets of red beady eyes stared back at us from behind cover as Kirsten and Gottri rushed one side of the room while myself, Rudi, Wertha, and Gregor attacked the other side with ranged weapons and magic.

I pushed forward when I was out of targets to see Kirsten and Gottri chasing two goblins that got away. I rushed after them saying to catch up so they couldn’t set up another ambush or traps. This idea was something the two of them liked. The goblins muttered something in their tongue to see three of their kind slaughtered in front of them before they were taken down by attacks from behind. Goblins and a few squigs meet the fate of those we had previously seen. Clearing out the dead end we moved back the way we came and moved to an area oddly enough with a river it seemed. The water looked clean but the stench we could smell from a hundred yards away. Snotlings. The only greenskin that had no natural enemy besides it’s own stupidity. Standing a little over a foot tall it was the only humanoid I knew of that lived amongst it’s refuse as well.

I went to ask Rudi and Wertha if they had any ideas how to distract the group as we got close. Some sixty in number I thought it not worth the effort. Gottri and Kirsten thought otherwise as they both roared and charged into the group laying waste to the small greenskins that exploded under each might blow. Rudi looked at me slightly embarrassed by the turn of events and excused himself to scout the tunnel close by or at least the entrance since he couldn’t watch. Gottri between swings roared for us to join them. Wertha declined as did Ursala. I put my bow away and grabbed up a large handful of rocks since it was good enough. Eventually the numbers thinned slowly but not before Gottri screamed out in pain. Swinging his two handed ax in one hand the other on his upped thing now bloody, I guess one of the creatures had wormed his way up Gottri’s leg and worked his rusty dagger between his plate greaves and wedged his knife into his leg. Not as dumb as I thought they were.

Spurred on by the wounded assailant they redoubled their efforts and Gregor and me moved to Gottri as he moved out from the middle of the maelstrom of death. Ursala moved with us and tried to heal him. The Goddess of Mercy for change did not show mercy… at least not to Ursala. We finished off the rest of the snotlings and everyone finally noticed what I had seen. Ursala in a flash of light had been punished. Striped of her belongings she had little but a tunic to cover her. I guess healing someone in that situation was a conflict of faith or something. Gottri and Kirsten washed themselves off in the river while we searched through the rags and washed them fashioning crude sandals for Ursala a staff used to assist in carrying water was readily available. Gottri and Kirsten seemed quiet proud of themselves, unfortunately

I smack them with the reality of their foolishness had almost killed one of them and robbed Ursala of everything she had on her, not really anything she wanted but they just dwindled the only thing that kept the chance of her surviving combat and healing them away. I spat at them killing Snotlings was nothing to brag about, if there were this many that meant someone else was herding them and controlling them and if so that meant there were a lot of them. Satisfied with the berating I ended it.

We moved down the tunnels by Rudi coming to a two way split. We headed right and the sights and sound of a goblin village spanned out in front of us. Kirsten had scouted out and came back to report. Since this was the closest route to the snotlings we opted to inspect the other path. The other route lead into a cavern filled with mushrooms and goblins gathering them. I admitted for a change quiet senseless slaughter was needed before they alerted anyone. We downed the small group of a dozen easily dragging the bodies out of sight from a once over of the area. We found a few dead ends and eventually found another tunnel that sounded like it lead back to the village of golbins. Kirsten not wanting to scout this time watched as I asked Rudi to borrow his rifle scope and made my way closer.

From what I saw they were definitely aware of us and were sending out patrols in all directs. As I lowered the scope I noticed a group coming towards me, I kicked a rock which had them stop and look around. I bolted in a dead sprint back. Hurriedly tossing Rudi his scoop and saying we need to move since the patrols were out got an indignant look from Kirsten about my skills at scouting. I quickly shot back I wasn’t stealthy or good at looking at things from that perspective I usually just got into a good position to kill stuff and would prefer to stick to it. As we came to an intersection I turned and readied my bow and everyone seemed to stop and follow suit.

The goblins were very shocked at being caught in an ambush, considering they were usually on the other side of this type of tactic they didn’t get into cover before half the patrol was dead. As they hunkered down as well more goblins showed up. I explained we needed to move but Gottri just wanted to charge into the thick of battle. Chiding him asking if he hadn’t learned his lesson I reminded him no one sings the lamented tail of the foolish dwarf that got killed by goblins. I peppered the other joining tunnels where the goblins were so the others could escape before going them. As I caught up we came upon holding cells, squigs larger than cows were being prodded, readied for battle it seemed. Looking at the goblins their vision went to various latches to the cages. We dropped all of the goblins before they could let any escape. The way in was four men wide and we figured it’d be easy to defend against. I didn’t know that the whole goblin village would come at us in waves through.

Attacks came from our left at first and we peppered them with ranged shots as they approached. Things looked decent even the line held until a second wave moved in from the tunnel to the right and one from the way we had come as well. Attacked from three directions worked fine since they all had to come at us from our front and things worked well until Gottri snapped drunk off of blood lust and the din of battle and rushed a group that quickly moved to flank him. I swore and tighten up the formation to which Gottri roared since his charge to nowhere in particular seemed to only be him rushing forward a few feet and being surrounded again. Bolts of energy shot from the crowd of goblins hitting Kirsten or Wertha until I saw the cause. A goblin shaman quickly squeaked as several arrows dug into his chest and face. The remaining goblins slowly were whittled down and the last five found arrows in their backs.

We searched the village and found a bit of treasure and washed up in the river.



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