Warhammer: Into the Old World

Letters from Karak Azgal 6


At times I wonder how we’re still alive.

Talks of going back up to get Ursala something else to wear or more armor was quickly dismissed by Kirsten and Gottri since they deemed it a waste of time. We crossed the river by the snotlings area after Wertha communed with it. Some undead being had traversed over it. We had found our shadowy figure. We found a shaft to which everyone argued how to get down. Finally I suggested we just use the climbing equipment we had which seemed to work.

At one point I felt something bump me from behind and I slipped flying down the steep tunnel. I landed on a turn with Ursala next to me. I asked if she was okay and let the rest of the group know we were fine once I found out. After a bit we found an end to the tunnel but it ended in a drop off. Gottri in the front was lowered down. He was about to until the rope and drop but I asked him to test the floor first. The ground collapsed underneath him and several ratmen popped out from behind rocks. Grabbing the rope we swung Gottri as he pushed off the arc he freed himself of the rope and charged them. We slide down and took care of the rest. We all got down by the time the last one left took off. We chanced him and caught the next patrol before they could ambush us. Finding a third group we downed them with Rudi pulling an odd green flame thrower and goggles that he donned and used.

Creeping around the next opening cavern he caught a room full of ratmen with the weapon, it had enough kick to knock him across the cavern and the thing that pulled itself closed on him. To say it was a massive rat would be incorrect, you could tell it was from multiple bodies, feet, hands, tails, heads all stuck out at different angles. After the initial shock I unloaded on it until Gottri could get close to immobilize the thing. Rudi had time to move away.
Due to the amount of noise we found ourselves running we had learned that considering the size of the ratman if it started to sound like a small army was marching towards us it probably meant a lot of little feet were headed out way. We held out in a intersection again for some time until fortunately I got off a lucky shot and some of the gas grenades they were using fell into a group of them. Wertha knocked a group of ratmen into another and a green cloud of gas started bellowing towards us. We backed into the cavern and docked down one hallway. I yelled to Wertha to create magical sounds of us running down another tunnel and we hide.

They bought it, Rudi went back and attacked them from behind with the gun. I came back to help him when a large worm made of ratmen erupted from the tunnel he had attacked. He kept on firing and the beast split into smaller ones of various types, moth, sludge, other things I have no idea how to describe. I shot into one of the creatures and it exploded. I was knocked off my feet and blinded by the chain explosion. I came to with Rudi leading me down the tunnel to the others snickering as we wiped his goggles clean. I slowly regained vision and we had ended up in a laboratory of some sort.

Rudi saw something green and shiny and got excited, Wertha explained them to be evil and Kirsten had an altercation with Rudi over the stones that were evil. When she smacked Rudi in the face I thought we’d have an Estalian Standoff. Gottri took her side as did Wertha but when Gottri asked Ursala to talk sense into Rudi I held her back and moved her away from between the two. I mentioned it was slowly turning into a sword measuring contest and doing things in the name of Sigmar last time we had seen got a priestess of Shallya beaten and put in a cage to starve. Kirsten agreed to holding onto the warpstones for now, Rudi was under the impression he could use them for his flamethrower. He had no idea how to make it refueld the fire but he fired he could figure it out. We found a shaft down and slide down with the conflict resolved for now.

The red eyed horned rat that growled at us when we were all down got our attention. The scattered bones around us let us know we had just dropped down into a sacrificial pit as it rushed Kirsten. Rudi got off a good shot with his rifle, I peppered the beast with blessed arrows dropping the beast in front of Kirsten before anyone else could attack. Rudi mumbled a welcome as I looked around and asked people to help me look for a good place to shoot a rope up and out of this pit so we could get out like it had been nothing more than killing another ratmen.

I do have my moments.



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