Warhammer: Into the Old World

Letters from Karak Azgal 7

July 15th 2012 Session

I have never felt the anguish of being imprisoned but we have just come from under the mountain and in the first few minutes of daylight I realize how I have missed it and the ache of the tunnels and the battles thus far within. On the bright side a few of your biggest annoyances as a dwarf apart from elves have meet their fate either in lava or lay dead where they stood attempting to fight. On the brighter side (yes no downside this turn around!) we broke up some trade transactions between Skaven and Greenskins, rather nasty lot on both end. Only issue now is how we get down from the side of the mountain we’re on… In any event I’ll tell you in greater detail how we trounced a dozen Greenskins and a Dwarven fortress overrun by Skaven. In truth we just stumbled into the whole thing… Slaughter first figure out the details of what the wee beasties were doing later I suppose…

After our last run in we looked around and figured the only way out was up. With that in mind we used rope and equipement and made our way out of the pit and up to the previous level. Down the river we went and found it snaked down to a tunnel passage leading down much deeper than we had traversed before on the earlier ‘lower’ level. Coming out into an expansive cavern with lava and bridges across had us on a cautious posture to say the least considering our previous encounters looking at the bridges.

Wertha offered to fly across using magic with some rope and a piton and hammer to secure the rope. She flew across and landed having us think for once things had gone as planned until she burst into flame and rolled around on the ground. We raced across to see a Wertha covered in soot, dirt, and ash but quite nude. No smirking. I heard Ursala mutter she figured it could have happened like that so she was thankful. It took a second to realize what she meant, referring to the odd event where she was striped of her belongings into thin air before she tightened the sash on her tunic and moved across quite quickly. Being in nothing but a tunic kind of made her quite light on her feet I guess. She took to tending Wertha’s wounds and yelled she was okay as Gottri moved across the bridge. Kirsten followed, and the rest of us in procession did as well, me, Gregor, Rudi, and Gory. I gave the young lady Wertha my cloak and as we were all crowded onto the pillar that the bridge connected the side to, looking out we saw several more bridges which we crossed slowly one by one with no real danger until we saw a metal bridge.

Out of the steam we saw a large fortress it seemed to be dwarven in nature as a horn blast cut through the steam. Our attention moved to a formation of rocks that seemed to be piled up. Wertha sent marsh lights out so we could see better surprisingly in the steam we heard squeeking and yells and metal clicking. Bullets erupted out of the steam from the fortress ramparts green light shot down as well from the guns possibly from the odd ammunition they used. The metal bridge though was slowly retracting away. Gottri roared asking our gameplan I looked at the pile of rocks and pulled my bow and given the arc I took a few seconds and muttered I’d buy someone some time to get across and with my exhale let loose an arrow, there was a squeakish scream and the bridge stopped moving back.

Gottri and Kirsten always the head chargers rushed forward and jumped across. Kirsten missed her timing it seemed since she just barely made it hanging on to the edge. Either through sheer mass moving at high speed or tenacity to spill blood Gottri though lobbed himself across landing on his feet and skidding a bit. Rudi took a shot with his rifle and when looking through the scope yelled out more were rushing across after he took his shot. I tried to take a shot by the steam and up draft sent it long. Kirsten tried pulling herself up while Gottri rushed across to the rocks and moved next to the crank to see the wounded Skaven, an arrow in it’s shoulder. Kirsten on the edge wobbled as the bridge lerched towards the fortress again in motion but didn’t fall, and stepped onto the rock ledge as it came under her feet.

Seven Skaven rushed towards Gottri while Gregor took at shot at the incoming skaven and wounded one, I dropped two of foul vermin and I was quite pleased since I was use now to shooting across the lava. Kirsten on solid steady ground rushed the Skaven and dropped two more of them. Gottri cranked the crank and the bridge moved back out. Ursala muttered some words putting a hand on Leopold and a gentle wind pushed again him. A hailstorm of bullets erupt hitting the Skaven, Gottri, and Kirsten. Wertha impatient in the wait for the bridge muttered something and jumped flying across the bridge and gap and hide behind the stone formation. Rudi sent out a shot and one of the guns on the ramparts stopped shooting. Kirsten moved behind the rock pulling out her sword and shield. Gottri kept cranking the bridge. Ursala put a blessing on Gregor. The one remaining gun sent a barrage at Gottri but it went shy of doing anything. Wertha cast a gyser shooting the two Skaven out of the gun into the lava, Gregor moved up while Rudi reloaded his rifle.

We rushed the second bridge and Rudi darts over to the guns to investigate. He gleefully stripped parts of the gun off and grabbed ammo out of the cases next to the guns. Kirsten moves over to the door and opened it to see a face full of rat. With Kirsten in front of me and Rudi we waited until she rushed into combat followed by Gottri and dispatched the Skaven. The next room had the oddest scene since we entered under the mountain; Greenskin Orcs and Skaven were at a table discussing something when we walked in. They all look surprised to say the least, the Skaven were showing some metal things to the Orcs to which Rudi muttered something of an ‘arms deal’. Five of them pulled pistols on us, Rudi smirked saying although they had pistols on us we’d have some new ‘lovely’ pistols. There were more pistols on the table.

Rudi smirked clinking some things around on his Skaven weapon and shoots a green arc of energy into the room sending him back into Gottri who he bounced off of. In the room the group of Orcs are enveloped in a green swath of emerald flame too quick to event let them scream in pain. It ended in a cloud oddly shaped like Rudi grinning and eating a sausage. We looked among ourselves since this made us question if we were okay or if the gun had side effects on us as well. Rudi laughed until he screamed bloody murder screeching out the pistols since besides a boot or spare hand there was nothing but ash.

There was a green mist left behind left. Rudi and the group speculated on what to do for spoils of the battle as he got up and walked himself up. I looked around to see if anything was moving. Kirsten moved along the wall trying to avoid the cloud of green smoke. Gottri followed her as well while I found an rag to put up around my nose and mouth. Another barrage peppered bullets burping out a green flame as tracer rounds walked up the ground towards Gottri but stopped short. Rudi yelled for Gottri to not step there.

One of the Skaven guards screeched as green energy moved from Wertha in his direction. Gregor tried to find a rag to cover his face as Rudi took a knee and shot one of the gunners. The force of the shot knocked him off the gun on the bridge where he bounced before flying off the side. He tried to latch onto the edge but the pain must have been too much since his screams were heard getting further and further away.

I took a shot at one of them followed Kirsten took a shot with her crossbow; Gottri used an ax knocking him off into the lava as well. With two down the Skaven in the other gun opened fire on Gottri and Kirsten, with the shock of the other gunnery team dying and the horrific scene Rudi had produced. Wertha sent another bold of green energy towards the other gun another screech filled the air. I dropped the two left and Rudi ran out to scavenge into his chaos. Only fragments were left but he didn’t complain. As we moved across the bridge through the smoke we saw two more gun teams one of them had their shots go wide, the rest of us except for Gottri and Rudi were peppered Kirsten dove to the ground as she caught fire from the incendiary rounds since she was in the front. Cursing she was a bit busy as Rudi took a knee and shot one of the gunners, I stepped over Kirsten and dropped the other gunner and wounded another of the loaders. Kirsten rolled around putting the fire out as Gottri rushed one of the loaders jumping over the gun and hacked him down. Ursala healed Kirsten as best she could as the last Skaven tried to climb into the gun as Wertha shot out another bolt silencing him and stilling his wicked little heart.

We regrouped and moved forward. A door in front of us meet Gottri’s ax as he tried to barrel through. Kirsten, Gregor and myself shouldered it with him and the door gave way. What we saw was a large black metaled machine and green lights. One of the Skaven tossed his backpack and rifle to the side and jumped into the machine, his screeches and screams drew up in fevor and deeper in pitch as he grew in size. In the chaos the other five looking at us at the door fired all in a firing formation line. One of their guns exploded sending the rest of the shots high. Rudi cursed since one of the guns exploded his wielder on the ground rolling around on fire. I dropped three of the four left and Kirsten rushed the last one standing and missed but Gottri did not cut deep enough. Rudi shot the machine. The Skaven between Kirsten and Gottri flailed it’s gun at them not hitting anything really. Wertha did something with the machine causing it to smoke and pieces fall off. It looked like mushrooms and things were growing on it and getting caught up in the parts of the machine as well. Rudi rushed into the room and surveyed the machine as a large Skaven much like a troll in size tried to get out having him plug a hole in the machine. I fired three times into the mass of the creature that was visible from the top of the machine and I moved out.

The room started to shake when Kirsten pulled a pistol firing out at the beast before running out the door. Gottri rushed up and hacked at it’s head before rushing out the door behind her. Ursala ran out of the room, when the beast rushed up and knocked Gregor back next to Rudi against the wall. Wertha ran out followed by Gregor. I took a few shots from the door at the beast followed by Kirsten shooting her crossbow. It rushed and focused on me clubbing me down and pushed out of the room into ours. Rudi shot the bastard causing it to waiver in its balance. I slashed down at its leg rocking it forward as I jutted upwards with sword and shield running my sword through its neck at the soft spot. As it toppled backwards I went with it pulling my sword free and stomped on the foul creature and hacked at it. I stumbled realizing the room was still shaking. Rudi ran in scavenging the pistols and ran up onto the machine and grabbed a backpack and rifle. Rudi flew through the door and I slammed it shut behind him. Still smoking a bit Rudi got up and dusted him off as Ursala healed him. Pulling up his goggles he wiped his face off and put them back on wondering aloud what else we could procure from this place.

Going back the way we came Gottri found another locked door and kicked it in revealing five more Skaven. Rudi pulled one of the warplock pistols around Gottri and giggled as he shot one of the Skaven causing Gottri to look at Rudi. Three arrows flew over Gottri’s head dropping the wounded one and another one. Kirsten shot another of the Skaven before Gottri rushed into the room a flurry of beard and ax blade roaring he would not be denied his slaughter by our guns and bows.

Stopped at 2:32:40



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