Warhammer: Into the Old World

Letters from Nuln 4.2

Via Imperial Post
ex Nuln ad Wolfenburg
Kaldezeit, 2521

Greeting from Nuln Master Silverforge

The next day we arranged to have Sister Ursula, a priestess of Shallya, accompany us on our adventures in Marienburg. The fact that we were likely to be clashing swords with the forces of the Plague Lord, Nurgle, was more than enough enticement—that and a share of the loot as a tithe for the temple. While were talking with our hired crew, I saw that Wertha and Rudi were arguing:

“The ship is female and we like Brandy… YOU like Brandy, we should name the ship Brandy!” Wertha argued.

“Well it MY ship, I called dibbs. It’s long and looks like a sausage so I say it’s the SS Sasauge and if you don’t like it you can swim to Marienburg!” Rudi shot back.

“Why not call it the Brandied Sausage? Can you agree to that?” I inquired trying to make piece.

“That would be an interesting name…” Wertha commented seemingly satisfied. Rudi shed a small tear since I had just taken two things he loved and put them together. He outstretched his arms to make up with Wertha, and Wertha noticing where his hands would have ended up, declined to hug him and patted his head instead. Wertha painted the name along the side of the bow before moving to the front cracked a bottle of brandy and stepped back. A sasauge flew by her and bounced off the boat and onto the dock, Rudi stepped up and picking the sausage started to eat it.

“What? The boat’s not going to eat it…” He explained.

Our first couple of days we met several Riverwardens but little else. On the third day, while we were restocking at a small village, we noticed a river barge not ten yards from ours in the mist. There were several figures at the bow watching us. We got back on board and took stock with the Captain and his two men. The boat continued to follow us and Haleon said that they weren’t just following us but were intent to kill us when we left the village port in the cover of night. She pointed at the ships name, the Andronikus Half a dozen bolts struck our boat and we took cover. Although Rudi was hesitant, he He eventually agreed that we should use bottles of brandy as firebombs. Another round of bolts landed and we readied our bottles.

“Give me a bottle” Gottri said. He ran to the edge of the boar and chucked his over the side. A hit! The mainsail was ablaze and men were hurrying to extinguish it. One man started barking orders and we saw the glint of a pistol in the moonlight. As the boats moved closer we riddled the Captain with bolt and arrow. My crossbow bolt pierced his pistol arm and it fell limp to his side.

“That pistol better not be in the water!” Rudi roared at me.

Grappling hooks landed on the side of our boat, drawing us closer. With the captain down, we focused on the other crewman. Gottri lobbed another fire infused brandybottle at their ship,

“Get yur sorry hides over here! Which one of you kit my beer mug! I’ll kill you and drink beer from your dead skull!!!” he yelled.

One man was engulfed in flames while we peppered our attackers with ranged weapons. Rudi said that he noticed a dark figure trying to stab and kill one of our crewmen. He shot the man in the head with a crossbow bolt and dropped him to the deck. I tried to get off another shot but unfortunately it landed in Haleon’s backside, she had enough time to steel me a look before pulling the bolt out of her chain, I had to drop my crossbow as I was drawn into close combat. As I stepped into combat I saw the captain of their ship fire a crossbow pistol and miss, and then pull out another pistol with his off hand and shoot—but the gun exploded in his face! With only one good eye now, half his face mangled in the explosion, one limp arm, the hand on his other arm mangled from the exploding gun and several arrows and bolts embedded in his chest and one leg he roared as he spun and flung his halberd at us. It clattered to the deck and saw the captain slip off the deck and disappear into the river.
I quickly finished my opponent and moved in next to Haleon’s.

I shot over at Dark Elf next to me, “Hey, your boat’s on fire you’re your captain jumped ship.” It took him by surprise, which I exploited to land a hit on his mailed chest. Haleon and I finished him off and moved next to Gottri. Meanwhile Wertha put another to sleep with her magic just as a thug slammed her with a mace. Wertha forgot about her new non-violent creed, and shot the man with blue swirls of energy. Meanwhile, Rudi saw the assassin he had shot stand up, ready to attack. Rudi backed up and arced his short between two opponents, and it struck the Dark Elf square in the chest, bringing him down for good. Pulling out a dagger he motioned for the two thugs to come at him. They obliged, emboldened by the fact that Rudi had just thrown away his sword to fight with a dagger. Our ship captain came up along Rudi to assist him.

Sister Ursula healed Wertha as we focused on the thugs in front of Rudi and saw that our captain had been felled by a mace blow. We had forgotten about the ones Wertha had enspelled, as one of the men jumped up and stabbed Sister Ursula in the back. He then jumped back to the burning ship. When only one more of the crew was left on our boat we were surprised when he dropped his weapon and dove off the side. He was probably surprised to find himself shot in the back with my crossbow as he swam for his life towards the river bank. Our opponents vanquished, we quickly looted the burning ship and noticed that the Dark Elf who had fled our ship had stripped himself of armor and jumped overboard.

We got back onto our ship and pulled in the grappling hooks and rope and watched the remains of the ship burn as it sank. Eventually the last embers were extinguished as the Andronikus sank fully below the surface of the river. We nursed our wounds and took stock of the loot we had found. We agreed on sleeping in shifts hoping the night would let us be.



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