Warhammer: Into the Old World

Letters from Talabheim 1

August 5th Session

Normally I don’t speak ill of dwarves but this self righteous useless sack of flesh is the exception. Let me relay how our dwarven guide worked himself out of getting paid and screwing us over in the process. Or at least we thought.

Get out of the mountain and Gory leads us into a trap.

We discover orcs, skaven, trolls, and goblins working together on a seige machine

we are chased but escape moving to the dwarven town to report the danger

job to guard sappers to blow the workshop for the reward of making our loot duty free from the dungeon

We head to Talabheim so Ursala can get her groove back

Locked out of City

City guard captain offers us a job for entry

Escort several refugees back to their village

Ogre attack for a lunch

Hate crime found and man brought to justice

Half the group gets the grey plague



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