Warhammer: Into the Old World

Letters from Talabheim 2

August 26th Session

With half our fellowship dead on their feet from the plague we made our way back to the city.

Trip back to town uneventful

People with the cough start to get worse

Gregor gets a tip from a guy at the bar about how we could get into Talipine proper

Rudi is confused since we had an in through the Capt and just calls the guy over, deals are made (shady)

Thru rumor & gossip scar’s word was true

City wall is locked down, no one in or out

we investigate a well known apothecary to find out about the disease since he might be working on a cure

Fought some rats killed them

Quelled/started a riot

herbalist is dead by poisoned skaven blade (assassin?)

Talk to the river via Werta, Skaven dumping stuff in the water supply at various locations

Talk to the Cap, no go on our deal. Bring up the disease, dead herbalist, river, Skaven. He folds and tells us to get in through back means. He says ‘they know’

Herbalist inside the wall is our next best bet.

Hear the Cap is dead, shot with his own pistol (staged?)

Scar comes along and sees Skaven for the first time. I don’t bother to do anything

Come in with a shift leaves work at a dye factory

Herbalist is our best bet and beeline is made to his place.

He’s not really focused till we dump the whole weight of everything on him in his office privately, plus the research and books used, with the threat of him being killed and everyone dieing got him to close shop and makes the cure top priority

Decree of a draft
talk to the guard at our inn get out of immediate enlistment

Talk to Sgt of Sewer Jacks

Leo BS’s our special assignment to him and we agree to look at what he wants to show us. We are Elite Problem Solvers on Contract.

(Note: Special assignment paper might be needed using the letter from the Cap to the Herbalist for less backblow.)

We walk into the aftermath of an ambush that killed 40-60 skaven (weapons seem to be human design, multiple people using cross fire to effectively kill all the skaven, no casualties to the mystery side (possible same faction that scared the three skaven before in the tunnels).

Cure made Leo goads Rudi into since the remedy hasn’t been made getting it called Rudi’s Remedy is still possible time is needed to mass produce due to the process and avaiability of equipment

Rest of the group is better, Ursala still communing with her deity.

To Do List
Letter from the Cap
Meeting with the Duchess or her inner circle to move freely to operate
Investigate tunnels
Suggestion more frequency to the tunnels for patrols bolo on the Skaven



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