Warhammer: Into the Old World

Letters from Talabheim 3

Session from Septermber 9th, 2012

I write this letter to you from one of the better inns we’ve been in and in retrospect since my last letter my viewpoint has changed a bit, I’ve grown soft. Foolish even by your standards for me and I dare say niave and complesant as a warrior in these peaceful, if you’d like to call them that, times.

Invasion of the inn
Skaven offensive from the Poor area of town
Hiding the night out
Bamboozled guard on the way into safe zone
talked to Cap R
Saw undead fight Kirsten broke off to assist
Checked at Temple for Ursala
Checking on seeing officials
Fought flesh golems? Sewn together, powerful necromancy
25G plus expenses a day
Going to check out Oldanholler after finding in the local registry of the city
Stake out his house
Scar scoped interior
We talked to the local temple of Morr
We dug ourselves a hole
Witch hunters showed up and came towards the house in question that we had decided to find evidence at (Oldan’s place)
Leo found a secret tunnel down
Fought a wight (Gottri)
Two different factions of Skaven are trying to take over the town
Left markings around the Necromancer To do book for it to be destroyed
Left marking of who the Wight was in life and that Morr Priest needs to put him to rest
Left markings of how to get to into the secret underground area

back at the inn after some dinner while we’re laying down for some sleep two rumblings and the shriek of a thousand birds… or rats.



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