Warhammer: Into the Old World

Letters from Karak Azgal 1
Season 3 Episode 1

Episode 1: Downward Spiral into the Darkness

Congratulation to the group for surviving 30 adventuring sessions.

Master Silverforge,
As you recall from my visit home and the look on my face when I arrived after my last letter the world has changed much showing up with a young girl and asking you to take care of her in hind sight was quite comical from your expression. Me a father? I had only been gone less than two months. But as much odd and insane things that had happened in that dreaded cave I found the world I knew above ground to have muddled as well if you recall from my comments before I left Anya in your care. I know I haven’t sent you any letters but after joining the order of the Snow King I rarely had time, members of the Cult of Ulric even in these dire times were enlisted in the fight and/or evacualtion of citizens of the Empire in the mass transit caracans away from the warfront as they erupted over the northern and western borders of the Empire like wild fire. It was good to see you again recently and I was surprised you still let Anya stay around, seeing a young lass frown and imitate you seems somewhat comical but like most chiIdren I think she likes you since you are fair but firm. As for the old fellowship after a year you knew from when I came to get you what happened on the way from our talks with the others on our way to Nuln in the refugee caravan.

Letters from Kislev 5
Game Session March 6th

Master Silverforge,
There’s nothing as wild as a dwarf who thought he was dead waking up, except maybe a dwarf waking up from a night of drinking. His hand fumbled and found his ax hilt and squeezed it tightly his knuckles turning white and his eyes slowly closed as he sighed in relief. His head still in Ursala’s lap I lay into him hard.

Letters from Kislev 4
Game Session Feb 19th

Master Silverforge,

After our break held up in a safe area protected by our pseudo wall of bodies we explored farther into the caves. We didn’t expect to walk into a familiar face and a former enemy, Wilheim the blood knight vampire. We found him pacing and looked at us as if seeing the tool or item you’re looking for. As he asked us if we had found the key yet we all twitched. He had been walking around it seemed for some time trying to figure out how to open the box he was holding. It did make sense to need a key to open the box until Rudi asked what was in the box. A key being the reply sent Rudi on a spiral down that wore down our patience as much as the vampire. Rudi finally got Wilheim to let him see the box lock after yelling again the key to open the box was not the key locked inside the box. After some careful inspecting when Rudi asked if he had the key Rudi kind of nodded pointing at Gottri and his ax. Rudi asked what we would get out of helping with the box Wilhiem was honest as always and explained he’d have the key and he may or may not kill us depending on what else he need. Rudi not liking the answer, (the usual promise of gold being his favor), promptly pulled out a pistol and started shooting and as usual all hell broke loose.

Letters from Kislev 2
Game Session (Jan 22?)

Master Silverforge
As we went for our weapons he rolled his eyes not even threatened it seemed.
“I’m in here having a glass of what these roobs call wine and you’re freaking out over me? The heads of all the families are here and THIS is what freaks you out? A guy having a drink? If you’re going to kill anyone kill this old bat for selling this swill and passing it off as wine.” He exclaimed through his melancholy state.

Letters from Kislev 1
First session of the year (Jan 15th?)

Master Silverforge,

From the last letter you received from me being some time ago and with a disjointed gap in my on goings you have my apologies. I’ve left the country and I’m currently on my way back to Wolfenburg. The system for mail outside the empire is somewhat… lacking. Allow me to fill in the gap and tell you the news of the rest of our trip into the frozen north and how I’m quite surprised we have not been driven insane. In any event, after leaving Helfurt behind we found ourselves with Lydia’s former groom to be. We dropped him off at the first major city we came to at an orphanage.

Letters from Kislev 3
29 Jan Session

As Haleon Nursed her wounds after her scouting encounter and skirmish she opted to stay with the group as we made our way through the woods. Fortunately for us though due to her encounter we were quite alert expecting a similar encounter on a grander scale. We eventually came to a group of lakes and ponds. Anya still shaken it seemed from the vision of her village being ‘cleansed’ mentioned she wasn’t really sure of the exact location but seemed to be the general direction the town council usually came.

Letters from Siegfriedhoff

Greetings Master Silverforge

My letter today must necessarily be brief. After our trial at the Abbey of Morr, Abbot Geistwache told us that our strange dreams were caused by someone—-or something—-that was testing our knowledge and resolve. We agreed that we would assist the Abbot in scouting out the town of Helfurt east of Siegfriedhoff, where the undead were rumored to be walking the streets unchecked. We did a bit of investigation around the abbey and made some interesting discoveries. First, we found a hidden library that contained more cryptic runes that we have yet to decipher and a lead box containing a foul bit of Skaven magic—-a pendant that oozed greenish smoke. Rudi pocketed the pendant and Wertha and Mother Ursula took the important scholarly papers. Second, we discovered the sarcophogus of Giovanni Lanfranchi, the famous Tilean vampire hunter! Inside, we discovered his spear Donnacanto, which sounded with heavenly music when unsheathed. Haleon returned later to “liberate” the weapon so that it might be used again in battle. Third, we uncovered a Skaven plot to steal the pendant, which we thwarted, but not before both Gottri and Rudi were poisoned (luckily, it was not fatal). Alas, the Skaven assassin escaped into the night, but without the pendant.

Letters from the Vampire Tower
Session from 20 November

Greetings Master Silverforge,
After the deal at the play we left ourselves a few days to rest and figure out what to do. Gottri we noticed had taken to a melancholy state of pondering life and that it was all eventually won’t matter. The major signs were that he was dirtier than usual plus stone cold sober. Mother Ursala had a point of concern in Gottri not that he was sober but because she could tell he had gone bat shit crazy and off the deep end. Some of us had some contentions about the method to get his mind right, I voted against surgery but we all agreed a priestess of Shalaya would be best. The part we argued on was how to get him to willing go, I wasn’t about to wrestle a dwarf to the temple against his will what he could easily go berserk and start chopping us up with a rune ax but Haleon seemed hell bent on catching him when he was sleeping and having Ursala attempt to cure him.

Letters from Wolfenburg 2
Session on November 8th

Hello again Silverforge:

The director of Heldenhammer! explained there were several more acting positions freshly opened up since several of his actors had gone ill or gone missing. We all gave each other a cynical knowing look. We each decided to help in our own ways. Rudi mentioned looking into the current locals to see if people wanted to get involved with his “local community outreach program.” Rudi was gone with Gregor most of the day looking into his affairs——-he didn’t come back all beaten up so I guess things went in his favor. Several kids and a rotund sweating older bald man seemed to be following him before he shooed them away as we made our way to the play in the afternoon. Rudi seemed pretty pleased with himself.

Letters from Wolfenburg
Oct 30th Session

Greetings Silverforge!

This is Rudi Roundtopp writing. Well I do like to tell a good tale! Drinking good dwarven ale has gotten the better of us—-even Gottri—-and we really have not gotten that much accomplished except several bouts of blacking out from drinking.


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