Warhammer: Into the Old World

Letters from Back into the Drakwald
October 25th Session

Greetings Master Silverforge,

We found ourselves back in the Drakwald again slowly edging closer to civilization in the dark forests. As we walked into the small town of Kierkfdorf, the moon Moorslieb was high. We proceeded into our normal downtime rituals, Gottri getting drunk and boasting of his new ax and how he’d killed a vampire and troll in the last two days, Wertha looking for someone to gamble with and Rudi right behind her scanning the locals for an easy mark. I saw that Rudi was in the middle of a story, embellished of course, of one of our adventures. The local crowd was abuzz with the sight of an elf and the townsfolk were deeply suspicious of us. Wertha was also a subject of interest, though no one wanted to insult her because they were unsure if she was a priestess of Rhea or a druidic mage of the college of magic.

Letters from Altdorf 5a (Post Script)
Oct 11 Session (after leaving Altdorf)


The trip up the river was uneventful. We docked at a small town and the crew explained they would be docked for the next week if we wanted a ride back. We made our way through with the help of a guide to where we needed to be going, Ruhrhoff. Wertha was about to say something I noticed before we pushed branches aside and the waft of nauseating stench and filth washed over us like a fire in our noses. “I think there’s a Troll” she said with a sigh. The troll looked at us surprised, around him were the bones of several people that looked to be human when they were alive, a farmer currently being gnawed on. The sheer amount of feces around the creature was boggling and I don’t really want to think if it was his or from what…

Letters from Altdorf 5
Oct 11 Session

Salutations Master Silverforge,

In the past two weeks I have spent most of my time recuperating from my injuries. Gottri and Haleon spent their time healing from their injuries as did I. Wertha enrolled in the Jade School of Magic and received her Imperial License. Ravindale seemed to up and vanish. Haleon speculated that Ravindale considered life around non elves to be too chaotic and deadly, even for one who had lived as a Kithband Warrior. Rudi visited us in the hospital, but was always gone at odd hours and often came back slightly battered. He never would give us an upfront answer on what he had been up to besides the cryptic “doing what needs been doin’”, we suspected he wasn’t spending his time with the homeless and orphans doing charitable acts but more likely things of a more nefarious nature or at least nefarious in training. Ursula had spent her time assisting at the temple.

Letters from Altdorf 4

Greetings Master Silverforge

My apologies. You might be concerned by the lateness of my correspondence but in retrospect it makes sense due to my being unconscious. One of the sisters of the Shallyan temple has been kind enough to write for Rudi since his injuries have left him a bit… occupied. I left off my last letter with our defeat of a band of beastmen and heard the unholy scream of some sort of beast or demon. We were still in the haunted graveyard of Altdorf destroying the unholy dagger that Oldenhaller wanted for Sigmar knows what purpose.

Letter from Altdorf 3

Hello again Master Silverforge

We spent much time talking with various factions——-but I will give it away that by the end of the night we were knee-deep in the bodies of beastmen and a surprise guest once they were all slain. When I last left off we were at Lord Fredrick’s place and had just been given, (well some of us anyway), gifts to aid in our fight against chaos. We met Rutger at Lord Frederick’s house and heard that Kirsten was in town as well. Much to Rudi’s disappointment, she was off taking care of other affairs.

Letter from Altdorf 2
August 23 Session

Greetings Master Silverforge

My apologies on the lateness of my correspondence, it seems the last letter Rudi wrote was conveniently on the only piece of paper available to hold his deep friend sausage sandwich he got from a street vendor. In any event our latest endeavor had us chasing Karl and company and we were catching our breath since Karl and his men had attempted to move to the front of the long line for entry to Altdorf to see the Emperor and be welcomed as the third coming of Sigmar. After being turned away by a high ranking official and armed guard we watched as Karl’s men commandeered a stagecoach and to see Karl get shoved into a coffin as they raced to another side gate for entry. I talk more on that though when I retell you of what happened at the camp and how we ended up outside the city walls of Altdorf.

Letters from the Camp of Karl

Greetings Master Silverforge,

We have reached the edge of civilization or at least in close proximity of it. My apologies for having this written on the back of a pamphlet for the God Child Karl, feel free to read it since you’ve by now guessed my opinion of the whole thing. The elves led us to the camp of Karl and we found it odd that these elves came with the sole intention of killing the boy. We offered to scout out the area and warned them of the boy’s power to compel those around him to love and protect him. They dismissed our warning either out of pride or because they believed elves the superior race when dealing with magic. Oddly enough the fact that we were right about Karl fell on deaf ears, even after some of the elves had fallen under Karl’s spell and felt compelled to protect him even though they were all aware he was Chaos tainted. With much argument, we hashed out what seems in hindsight to be a shaky plan at best. We would sneak into the camp and kill Karl.

Very Short Capsule Summary of Thousand Thrones Campaign

Your characters arrived in Nuln three months ago to launch adventuring careers. After several adventures in Nuln, you were contacted by mysterious group of vampire hunters called “The Andanti” who asked you to look into the emergence of a new religious cult called “The Crusade of the Child” in the far-off city of Marienburg. For unknown reasons, the cult was supposed to be important to vampires. You arrived in Marienburg after successfully fending off the attack of a group of Dark Elves on the river. In Marienburg, you investigated the cult and found out that it was centered on the figure of a child named Karl, who was supposed to be Sigmar reincarnated. You discovered that the child was actually born to a mutant and raised in an orphanage run by sisters of the healing goddess, Shallya. You tracked the Crusade of the Child on its path from Marienburg to the imperial capital of Altdorf, where the Crusade would seek recognition of Karl’s divinity from church officials. Before reaching Altdorf, you followed the clues to a small town called Pfeifeldorf, where you picked up further clues and had a showdown in a mausoleum with a group of vampires. From there, you continued on your way to Altdorf, where you met the encampment of the Crusade, helped to fight off an attack of vampires and ghouls who were trying to get at Karl, and then met Karl personally. Several of you fell under the spell of Karl’s charismatic aura.

Karl & His Posse

Karl: Sigmar reincarnated?

Helmut: Karl’s Chief Religious Advisor, Priest of Sigmar

Jan Vanderpeer: Karl’s “Chief of Staff”

Krieger Brighalter: Captain of Karl’s personal guard

Lord Wilhelm Eisenbach: the Crusade of the Child’s military commander

Letters from the Drakwald

Master Silverforge,

My apologizes for the abruptness of this letter’s ending, we only have a few minutes’ break and I’ve asked Rudi to recap before we start our march up again. Here’s what has transpired.
The noble lord Von Speier of Pfiefeldorf was somewhat disappointed to hear what had befallen the village and saddened by the fate of his two sons. Wendell Ott, a friend about the age of the noble’s sons, is now in line to inherit control of the town due to his valor and leadership during the undead infestation.

Letters from Pfeifeldorf

The following morning we woke and most of the group was a bit rough. I had a mug of Arabian coffee, brewed from a stash I had taken with me from Nuln, while most of the group had another mug of ale. We walked, well mostly stumbled, out into the street with bleary eyes. As we walked I looked around and asked if anyone else had noticed it was very quiet no one was around. I looked at Haleon and asked if she had been doing anything last night since she didn’t seem to be in as bad of a mood. Everyone looked at Haleon wondering if she had killed most of the town’s people while we slept.


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