Warhammer: Into the Old World

Letters from Talabheim 2
August 26th Session

With half our fellowship dead on their feet from the plague we made our way back to the city.

Letters from Talabheim 3
Session from Septermber 9th, 2012

I write this letter to you from one of the better inns we’ve been in and in retrospect since my last letter my viewpoint has changed a bit, I’ve grown soft. Foolish even by your standards for me and I dare say niave and complesant as a warrior in these peaceful, if you’d like to call them that, times.

Letters from Talabheim 4
Session from 16 Sep 2012

Saying dwarves like rushing once more into the frey is an understatement. After the earth shook in my last letter our plans on what to do were a little accelerated.

Rewind before explosion:
Rudi found his own conscript army.

After the boom we thought getting to the temple district was our best bet to find Ursala.
Cleared Shalayian Temple of Skaven, no Ursala.
Possibly kidnapped
Moved through and gathered templars in the temple to push the attacks
Moved to temple of Moor
regrouped before it fell and moved tot he temple of sigmar
Surrounded and thinking the walls would breach we broke through the cellar into the tunnels
Collapsed tunnel behind us
Thoughts of immediate escape were quelled
Went to save the Duchess
Did that now with almost 80 men to move through to help her escape tot he countryside
Gottri wants to go back to Oldenhaller’s place to look for Ursala
Fought a demon


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