Warhammer: Into the Old World

Letters from Talabheim 4
Session from 16 Sep 2012

Saying dwarves like rushing once more into the frey is an understatement. After the earth shook in my last letter our plans on what to do were a little accelerated.

Rewind before explosion:
Rudi found his own conscript army.

After the boom we thought getting to the temple district was our best bet to find Ursala.
Cleared Shalayian Temple of Skaven, no Ursala.
Possibly kidnapped
Moved through and gathered templars in the temple to push the attacks
Moved to temple of Moor
regrouped before it fell and moved tot he temple of sigmar
Surrounded and thinking the walls would breach we broke through the cellar into the tunnels
Collapsed tunnel behind us
Thoughts of immediate escape were quelled
Went to save the Duchess
Did that now with almost 80 men to move through to help her escape tot he countryside
Gottri wants to go back to Oldenhaller’s place to look for Ursala
Fought a demon

Letters from Talabheim 3
Session from Septermber 9th, 2012

I write this letter to you from one of the better inns we’ve been in and in retrospect since my last letter my viewpoint has changed a bit, I’ve grown soft. Foolish even by your standards for me and I dare say niave and complesant as a warrior in these peaceful, if you’d like to call them that, times.

Letters from Talabheim 2
August 26th Session

With half our fellowship dead on their feet from the plague we made our way back to the city.

Letters from Talabheim 1
August 5th Session

Normally I don’t speak ill of dwarves but this self righteous useless sack of flesh is the exception. Let me relay how our dwarven guide worked himself out of getting paid and screwing us over in the process. Or at least we thought.

Letters from Karak Azgal 7
July 15th 2012 Session

I have never felt the anguish of being imprisoned but we have just come from under the mountain and in the first few minutes of daylight I realize how I have missed it and the ache of the tunnels and the battles thus far within. On the bright side a few of your biggest annoyances as a dwarf apart from elves have meet their fate either in lava or lay dead where they stood attempting to fight. On the brighter side (yes no downside this turn around!) we broke up some trade transactions between Skaven and Greenskins, rather nasty lot on both end. Only issue now is how we get down from the side of the mountain we’re on… In any event I’ll tell you in greater detail how we trounced a dozen Greenskins and a Dwarven fortress overrun by Skaven. In truth we just stumbled into the whole thing… Slaughter first figure out the details of what the wee beasties were doing later I suppose…

Letters from Karak Azgal 6


At times I wonder how we’re still alive.

Talks of going back up to get Ursala something else to wear or more armor was quickly dismissed by Kirsten and Gottri since they deemed it a waste of time. We crossed the river by the snotlings area after Wertha communed with it. Some undead being had traversed over it. We had found our shadowy figure. We found a shaft to which everyone argued how to get down. Finally I suggested we just use the climbing equipment we had which seemed to work.

Letters from Karak Azgal 5

Greetings Master Silverforge,

With the bodies laid to rest and last rights performed we turned out attentions to the large ornate tomb in the middle of the room the shadow figure had originally be next to. Kirsten was the first to step up to check the tomb; I asked if she wanted to check for traps to which she fool-heartedly dismissed as unnecessary. From the bottom of the steps up I thought it looked clear. Kirsten scoffed and looked up as she walked up the stairs, the yelp and wails that followed though were almost tell tale of a trap when she disappeared. She called for a rope or assistance of something or anything to get her out.

Letters from Karak Azgal 4
Session from April 22nd


We woke up slightly groggy but alive. Considering the conditions getting any sleep at all was no small feat. The barricade of Orc savages was hacked down and we made our way to the pits. No one seemed to be around the orcs no doubt has fled deeper into their small kingdom. Some more agile than others jumped across the pit while Gregor, Ursala, and our dwarven guide showed little skill in jumping across the gap since they all fell in. Gottri simply jumped down making no idea of being able to jump across. But since his destination was planned he took no damage and simply climbed up the other side as others were tossed rope. Everyone was out of the pit before anyone realized our guide, now unconscious had no one to wake him up or carry him out. No one else wanted to climb down and ideas of volunteering me to dutifully climb down from Kirsten got a wry laugh out of me. Fashioning a lasso from one end of the rope I snagged the stout fellow around the waist jerking it tight before pulling him up. I might not be a wizard but I’m far from a simpleton.

Letters from Karak Azgal 3
April 10th Session


Time down here blurs, without night and day we grew weary surprisingly as well as have the notion to press on when we are under the impression we should rest. I’m not really sure about the frequency of these letters but I guess you’ll get them when you get them. After meeting up to Gottri and catching our breath we pressed forward in the direction of Gottri’s wounded Goblin quarry. We found dried splotches of blood periodically but no goblins.

Letters from Karak Azgal 2
Session from 25 March 2012

Greetings Silverforge,

It seems we survive another day and Ulric smiles down on our violent lives.

After defeating the spiders Rudy chased down Gregor and we found Gory our dwarven guide as well. After a bit to catch our breath we actually took a moment to look around. We ventured forward a bit and came to a three way stop, taking the advice of Rudi we went right. Rudi chimed that you can’t go wrong if you go right. With no real plan we ventured this way. After a while we came to another intersection that split off in four more different directions plus the way we came. Going right again Kirsten stopped us saying she felt a need to scout ahead this time since we seemed to have a habit of walking right into trouble. Gottri admitted only that he liked trouble and having it readily available for him to get into made for killing things quite convenient.


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