Warhammer: Into the Old World

Ambush at the Empire's End

Chapter Three begins only days after the events narrated in “The Oldenhaller Contract” and “Sing for Your Supper.” Our heroes decided that they wanted to “convert” Mr. barge into their own property, with the proper Imperial imprimatur. By parting with some coin, they convinced a petty official, one Leo Jaspers, to submit their forms to the proper office for approval, accompanied by a letter of support from Mr. Jaspers himself. Wertha used her charms to reduce the requisite fees considerably. The approval would be forthcoming in two short months (or thereabouts).

Meanwhile, Gottri Truehammer’s last official task as an Imperial Jailer weighed heavily on his mind. To discharge this obligation, he needed to track down the fugitive Karl Warburg, a murdering bandit who had escaped from the very Altdorf jail where Gottri’s brother was being held prisoner. Karl’s last known whereabouts were on the outskirts of Nuln, where he had formerly waylayed coaches and otherwise deprived hardworking Imperial citizens of their coin, if not their lives. Wertha suggested that perhaps they should ask Dirk Huygens, the smuggler they had befriended in the course of executing the Oldenhaller Contract. They traveled to the Merry Halfling, a semi-respectable tavern where Dirk had told them he could be found on many evenings. Dirk seemed pleased to see them all and said that he knew of a good lead on Karl’s whereabouts and would help them out with their problem if they would help him out with his. It was to be a simple delivery job (with some small chance of violence) and was to take place that very evening. The group agreed to return to the Merry Halfling to meet Dirk for the job.

Being suspicious and skeptical sorts, Leopold and Haleon kept a watch on the Merry Halfling from a cafe across the street. After 10 minutes, they noticed two men seated across the way at an outdoor beer garden who were watching the Merry Halfling and also seemed to be eyeing Leo and Haleon. The caught a glimpse of an eight-pointed ring on the finger of one of these men and half-glimpsed their faces. Sensing that their cover was blown, the two men bolted from the table and into the evening crowd.

At the appointed time, Haleon, Rudi, Wertha, Leo and Gottri returned to the Merry Halfling. Dirk and the party made their way to the docks where they were supposed to pick up a crate marked “Brettonian Brandy. Special Vintage” and then deliver it to a coaching inn called the Empire’s End outside of town. They should go there that very night and await instructions.

When they arrived at the appointed location near the wharf, they were startled to find five corpses: the very two men whom they had seen stalking them earlier across from the Merry Halfling, two men whom Dirk identified as cohorts of a Bretonnian smuggler named Jacques Perriot and an unidentified fifth man. In the center of the alley, they found the remains of the crate, wood scattered across the alley. They questioned two drunks in an alley across from the carnage who claimed to have heard a scuffle and screams from the alley moments before a sound of shattering accompanied by what they said was “A lady, but warn’t a woman. All pretty-like, but floatin’ across the ground…” He added “then, we seen two men stumble out, leavin a trail un blood…” Dirk suggested that the party question his Bretonnian rival Jacques. The party pressed Dirk for more information and he told them that he had been hired by a man named Dieter,a very pale man with a jagged scar on his cheek. At Gottri started, pulled out the Imperial warrant with

The party visited Jacques Perriot at the Golden Mead the next day and gained his trust, whereupon he allowed the group to question Clement Petit, Perriot’s agent who survived the grisly events at the docks. The other man, Francois Levesque, was wild-eyed and raving. Taking pity, Jacques deposited Francois in the same Shallyan charity ward where the party had earlier left the poor, chaos-warped butcher’s daughter. Clement told them that they had retrieved the crate as requested at the docks from some rough-looking characters with Sylvanian accents. He remembers the boat as a river barge with the name “Andronicus” or some such. They brought the crate to the dropoff location and were soon ambushed by a number of hooded men. Clement remembered stabbing one clean through with his dirk before being clubbed and dropping to the ground. He heard two men chanting and shouting in a kind of frenzy. At that moment there was a loud noise and blinding light and he passed out. When he awoke soon thereafter he retrieved Francois and they stumbled out into the night and back to the Golden Mead.

Letters from Nuln V.1

Via Imperial Post
ex Nuln ad Wolfenburg
Kaldezeit, 2520

Greetings from the city of Nuln Master Silverforge! I hope the golden rivers of commerce flow freely through your Great House.

The heavy rains have started here in the Reikland. Nuln has just finished off Gun Powder week. We were treated to the unveiling of this year’s Dwarven Rifle, the winner of Nuln’s annual contest for the finest firearm in the empire. Many complained that the dwarves had only won the contest this year because they have the ear of the Arch-Lector of Nuln. This is not true. I’ve seen it with my own eyes: the Dwarven Longrifle of Nuln looked to be a serious competitor to the Hochland Longrifle.

Letters from Nuln 2

Imperial Post
Ex Nuln ad Wolfenburg

Greetings to you Master Silverforge,

Do you remember the time we lodged at an inn called The Harp ‘n Fiddle? Remember that drinking contest where you bet that you could drink four humans under the table? Remember that feeling you had the next morning, as if someone had been using your head to forge rune weapons? That’s how it felt the day after our battle with the Beastmen. At least your head-splitting pain was soothed by winning that 100 karls! We had no such comfort. Exhausted, we awoke, ate breakfast at the inn, detached the cart from the half-eaten mule and began the trek back to Nuln. We won the battle — the most vicious in my life! — but we were covered in blood and reeked terribly. The rain had stopped and the sun had come out as we traveled. Since Wertha could barely walk with her broken ribs, she rode in our spoils cart lest we accidentally leave her behind. The sunny day made the travel somewhat pleasant, but it also dried and caked the filth on us and compounded the stench.

Letters from Nuln 3

Greetings Master Silverforge,

It has been some time since my last correspondence, for most of our fellowship has taken brief respite from our adventuring lives. Rudi decided to attend the Imperial Gunnery School. We have discovered that while Rudi may not very effective with a blade up front and personal, he’s proven quite effective with a crossbow. We’re hoping that his newfound skills with gunpowder weapons will be as effective. Wertha began a course of study to become an apprentice wizard. Haleon disappeared from Nuln for the winter months and showed up back in town few days ago, wearing rural clothing common to Elven rangers. Gottri and I followed up leads on Karl Warburg, our fugitive with the 100 crown bounty on his head. The new year had come and gone and snow fell heavily upon Nuln.

Letters from Nuln 4.1

Via Imperial Post
ex Nuln ad Wolfenburg
Kaldezeit, 2521

Greeting from Nuln Master Silverforge

Let me start by saying: I will never get used to fearing for my life on a regular basis! We made our way out of the main sewer passage into a large room filled with of some sort of steam-powered Dwarven machinery. We came upon what appeared to a smuggling operation: crates of Bretonnian brandy without customs marks, a large hole in the floor leading to rushing water below and cables dangling from several winches and cranes. Needless to say, Rudi quickly began stuffing bottles of brandy into sacks, pausing only to drink deeply and remark that it was good quality.

Letters from Nuln 4.2

Via Imperial Post
ex Nuln ad Wolfenburg
Kaldezeit, 2521

Greeting from Nuln Master Silverforge

The next day we arranged to have Sister Ursula, a priestess of Shallya, accompany us on our adventures in Marienburg. The fact that we were likely to be clashing swords with the forces of the Plague Lord, Nurgle, was more than enough enticement—that and a share of the loot as a tithe for the temple. While were talking with our hired crew, I saw that Wertha and Rudi were arguing:

Letters from Nuln 5

Ex Marienburg ad Wolfenburg
Middenheim Post Road

Greetings Master Silverforge

The morning after we repelled the Dark Elf attack, we continued our journey up the River Reik, stopping in Aldorf to restock and sell off most of our loot. Later we realized that the Dark Elf breastplates that we had sold could have fetched a much higher price than what we received. As the son of a merchant, that loss stung a bit, but we still made quite the high ransom for our battle loot. Gottri and myself were equipped with enough weapons and plate armor to join up with a regiment of Ironbreakers if needed. Wertha found a book to “aid her studies of magic.” I really have no idea what that means but considering what she was willing to pay for it she at least must know what that means. Haleon locked her gold away in her sea-chest and Rudi….well I really don’t want to know either way. I made a note to check out the Navigational School of Marienburg later….

Summary Letters 3-5


Rudi, Wertha, and Haleon retrained.

We overheard Watchman of the Guard talking about the Empire’s End bar owner, Bruno, still alive and Ursala his wife was at the Shallya temple, he was seen at the Reaver’s Inn

Rudi and Gottri started a bar fight/riot due to lack of sobriety and funds

Meet Master Orik Bec, Witch Hunter @ Reaver’s Inn

Reaver Inn is a slaughter scene/ tortured?

Local patrons around the Inn described 4 men were asking about one of the people who had been murdered, Marcus, in the early morning possibly casing the Inn.

We know of one such altercation between Marcus. one of the drunks from the dock and these men who were foriegners.

Talked to Ursula she doesn’t know a lot about her husband’s recent activities and his whereabouts but he’s ‘close’. We opted to scout the area at night for him to see if her talk of him being close by was true and thanked the crazy woman.

Rudi was the first to spot two figures trying to break into the temple (possibly to kill Bruno’s wife Ursila or Jacques’s man).

We fired on them dropping them a good 15 feet down, Templars of Sigmar showed up that were on patrol so we gave chance even though they told us to halt. We yelled about them trying to break into the temple

Captured one the other took off into the night

The Captor soon died (suicide) and turned out to be a Dark Night Elf, assassin considering his weapons and trappings.

The next day we were sitting eating lunch wondering our next step when the dwarf spotted Karl

A chase ensued from Haleon being spotted looking at him and Rudi ‘trailing him’ with a crossbow bolt for a ‘trail’ to follow.

Running around in the sewer in our chase we found goblins

Haleon had given chase to Karl and caught him and tied up his unconscious body.

We killed the goblins but Karl wasn’t where she left him tied up when we all meet back up at his body.

We’re mostly okay but there’s a doorway with light close by we are thinking of investigating.

Went in steam machinery room

Rudi stole some counterfeit Brandy

Bruno the Vampire throws us Karl’s Head

He asked for a blue gem we don’t have (we did tell him who had it though)

Rudi felt threatened and started another fight

We killed a vampire

Gottri and Rudi witnessed a power struggle between beastmen and a purple energy ‘mage’ attacking with the Bruno’s men

Meet a ‘nice looking Shiela’ and got some loot.

Went to the Temple of Shallya to get healed up

Rudi and Gottri robbed a noble/won a drinking contest

Meet with Estalian covert vampire hunter’s in a safehouse

Got attacked by the Vamp Lady’s ship crew and Dark Elves… Killed them all except 1 Dark Elf who escaped.

We took cover as the explosion was heard but didn’t hear the telltale ‘thwack’ of metal eating into wood


Sold loot in Altdorf

Arrived in Marienburg and noticed we got ripped off in Altdorf

Heard Rumors about Karl

Talked to Witch about Karl and got some of the real story

Freed Witch that night

Talked to Witch Hunter

Talked to head of Orphanage

Went to Ruins

Rudi almost died from being eaten by a snake

Rudi almost died from being drowned from falling into the water while paralyzed

Confronted/ambushed by cultist

Rudi almost died from cultist ganging up on him (heavily injured)

Haleon was heavily injured in the fight with the cultists

Rudi almost died from being kicked in the business

We found out the history behind the boy and received 1 gold shark tooth (ripped out of a cultists mouth… the one that looked like a shark)


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