Warhammer: Into the Old World

Letters from Back into the Drakwald

October 25th Session

Greetings Master Silverforge,

We found ourselves back in the Drakwald again slowly edging closer to civilization in the dark forests. As we walked into the small town of Kierkfdorf, the moon Moorslieb was high. We proceeded into our normal downtime rituals, Gottri getting drunk and boasting of his new ax and how he’d killed a vampire and troll in the last two days, Wertha looking for someone to gamble with and Rudi right behind her scanning the locals for an easy mark. I saw that Rudi was in the middle of a story, embellished of course, of one of our adventures. The local crowd was abuzz with the sight of an elf and the townsfolk were deeply suspicious of us. Wertha was also a subject of interest, though no one wanted to insult her because they were unsure if she was a priestess of Rhea or a druidic mage of the college of magic.

Rudi just bluntly asked the bartender to tell him everything and/or anything that had happened in the town for the past two weeks. The sheer blunt, matter-of-fact cockiness of Rudi along with an impatient tap as if he was entitled to the information got a quick promise from the barkeep to call a scholarly friend in town that chronicled everything had happened in the town. Rudi was good at this sort of thing. One of the people Rudi was questioning about Ansel Vorman recalled a lady in white with several servants or bodyguards coming out of his house when the man was making his way back from Schweizbach on a beer delivery. Rudi’s found out that Ruprecht was from a town outside Wolfenburg. Supposedly though the “Villa Hahn” was haunted since one of the families there had a son who went insane and killed everyone there. I notice Gottri trying to get some information from a few men, instead knocking over their beer and then beginning to boast drunkenly about the many accomplishments of the dwarven race.

In the morning, Rudi swapped his crossbow for mule for a crossbow and we were on our way to Ruhrhoff. We discovered Ansel’s house in Ruhrhoff. It was boarded up and abandoned. We searched it and found the grisly remains of a woman. Rudi started to describe the macabre scene bits of burnt or slaughtered flesh was scattered about the place. Possibly human Rudi explained from the looks of things and his experience with this sort of thing. I reminded everyone this was where Vorman had performed the ritual and that was probably the girl he had been stalking or his would be girlfriend. But that was over a year ago and it was surprising no one in town had come to investigate it in over a year. That probably explained why no one had come to find out what we were doing. Wertha and Rudi searched downstairs and didn’t find the necklace we needed. But they did see an outline in the dust where a necklace once had been. Talking to the locals we found out a woman in white with a few followers had been here as well as several men with a small boy in tow. We decided to head north from there towards Wolfenburg. Rudi mentioned to the townspeople there was a horrendous killing that had taken place probably a year ago that they might want to look into; the body from his experience was that of a young lady so check into any young girls that went missing a year ago from the local area or neighboring towns.

Along the road out of towns about two days from Rurhoff we found the remnants of a gate to a manor house. It had seen better days. Haleon took off some of her armor to climb a tree; we heard a crash behind us while we looked toward the manor. We turned to see a slightly flushed Haleon, she dusted herself off before muttering about her hand slipping or breaking a branch as she eventually climbed up into the tree. With the scope from Rudi’s short rifle she reported the main house and all of the grounds looked to be in disrepair for some time. After Haleon came back down we discussed it and decided that this might actually be Ruprecht’s home. Haleon offered to scout out ahead. After looking at the front gate she looked off to the left and trotted off in that direction. The rest of us followed suit. She came to an area of the wall and nodded her head. Taking off some of her armor she asked for a boost over the wall. She didn’t peer over the wall as I thought she would but leaped over it. There was a loud splash but since she wasn’t screaming I figured the water was not that deep and she wasn’t drowning.

The pond had an oily reflective surface. Suddenly we all heard a bubbling in the pond and a horrible tittering noise around Haleon. We heard Haleon mutter something about flies buzzing around her until we heard several splashes and Haleon let out a shriek of fear. The sound of a gnashing or biting sound and Haleon’s roars demanding to ‘Stop trying to eat me!’ only furthered our frantic tactics to help her. Suddenly we see a hand jab over wall and Haleon drag herself up onto the wall still screaming as she straddled the wall basically laying on it. I looked sideways and saw Rudi on top of Gottri’s as they attempted to pull Haleon off the wall to our side of it. I shook my head stepped up and pulled her off the wall, that was when I first saw her mangled arm, there were teeth marks all over her which would explain her screaming and the comment for something to stop eating her. Ursula rushed to her side and started to chant the wound was slowly closing, with a sigh and a slight tear in her eye Ursala commented Haleon always seemed one of the first to get hurt badly lately. This kind of surprised me since it meant Ursula had just told a joke of sorts and was teasing someone. We hear several tittering snickers from the other side of the wall. As soon as she was bandaged and had gained some of her senses back she dove at the small pile of her armor and donned it hastily her breathing heavy and her face still a bit white.

“Front gate… best idea.” Haleon commented to the group before sitting down a little exhausted from the whole experience. After she had caught her breath Haleon on shaky legs got up and headed to the gate. Rudi told everyone to hold up as he checked for any bodies of water we’d have to cross after getting through the gate. The first thing we noticed the place really had decayed, probably once a merchant house it was now a shambles, the ground belched up noxious gas at various places and in general to be honest it was creepy. The insects were heavy in the area and the din surrounding us from their noise dulled us a bit to the surroundings.

We made our way to the front doors to the manor. We looked around at the figures of statues that once probably looked like Sigmar, now twisted into perverted, warped creatures. Looking at the front door Rudi was the first to get there and knocked. He commented it would have been rude to just barge in until he was satisfied no one was coming to answer the door which he commented looting the place was also an option now since no one was home. We edged the heavy oak door open and it groan in pain it seemed from the sudden motion.

As we piled in I looked around and realized I was the only one no able to see, I found some rags and a part of broken furniture dosed with oil and lit it to fashion a makeshift torch. In the light of the torch though we could see the tracks of several footprints all over the main floor in the dust but we didn’t hear anyone. The main hall had a layer of dust everywhere; two suits of plated armor stood on pedestals but were covered in feces. Rudi commented it was a waste of a suit of old dusty rusted armor. We walked between the two of them and headed upstairs. As we walk up the stairs we hear the whimpering of something small possibly a child. We moved up to the second floor but the whimper was coming from either the left or right, the echoing threw us off a bit.

We finally came to a door where we thought we heard the whimpering. The room had blood smeared on the walls and piles in places of rotten flesh. We saw a man in front of us on the ground pointing a sword out in front of him as he moved away from us not noticing us and towards a wall. Where he once stood probably was the remains of a woman I thought, a blood soaked dress and flesh remained. In the other direction was a mass of flesh and sinew and a small girl crying while she stood on top of a bed. The girl had several sores on her and her nightdress was plastered to her as if she was covered in sweat. Suddenly the pile of flesh quivers and started to waddle towards us.

I leveled my Tilean crossbow at the moving flesh and heard Rudi comment the fleshing thing might be part of the lady who was in the bloodsoaked dress, the rest he wasn’t sure about. A bolt sank into it. Haleon let loose an arrow which sank into the thing followed by Rudi who cocked the hammer and blasted at the creature with his Dwarven short rifle. Wertha formed the winds of chaos around her and cast a ball of blue energy towards it. Ursula chanted a prayer on Gottri who launched himself forward gleefully ax in hand. The quivering pile of flesh squished itself to the ground as Gottri made a wide horizontal arc that would have cleaved it in two. Tentacles of flesh shot out at Gottri with one slamming into his armor. Gottri looked down surprised he got sucker punched, which is how he put it, by a pile of flesh. I dropped my crossbow and pulled out my longbow and shot an arrow into the creature. Haleon did the same followed by Rudi pulling a pistol shot the blasted thing putting the bizarre creature out of its misery. It splattered Gottri in ichor. Ursula healed Gottri as I looked at Rudi we both looked at the man on the ground with loaded weapons.

The man stepped up off the ground dusting himself off and introduced himself as Gregor, a man investigating the area. He explained since we seemed to have things under control he could leave. My leveling a bow and arrow pointed at his head and Gottri just looking at him was enough to convince him when I said he needed to sit back down, immediately. Haleon demanded for him to tell her anything he knew of a boy, a lady in white, and then after looking at us, anything or anyone else we were looking for since at the moment the people escaped her. She seemed somewhat distracted since she was flexing her hand on the arm that had been previously injured. Gregor did say he saw a man to look like a cultist of Nurgle. Meanwhile Rudi had gone over to comfort the little girl.

Rudi called for Ursula to help the child when she suddenly flung her hair back from tear soaked eyes she screamed out “You killed my parents!” while trying to bite him. Rudi surprised tried to reach for a pistol and shot wide. We all turned to see Rudi on the ground with the girl on top of him trying to bite and gnaw at him. We all smirked for a second when he asked for help, I walked forward with my sword and knocked her out with the end of the hilt. Wertha asked Gregor what he was really doing there, to which he admitted that he had come since he had heard there might be loot in the house up for grabs. Wertha questioned him about the girl and he said he didn’t know anything. She threatened to do things to him she thought he wouldn’t really like to know. He explained who he was again and that he was from Wolfenburg and that he was an entrepreneur.

With the offer of a minor share of the loot and staying with us didn’t seem like a good offer the other choice of us just killing him outright made the offer more enticing. I suggested Gregor tie up the girl and lead the way, Haleon had mixed feelings of bringing a possibly tainted by chaos little girl along with us. Gregor offered to just tie her to the bed. We searched the rest of the way around the second floor, we found a diary of a man that mentioned Rupric and his evil acts.

We did find a darker room with a walk in closet, my suggestion for Gregor to check out the room with a torch. Rudi entered when Gregor gave the all clear. Knocking on a closet door Rudi stroked his chin a few times before turning to us and shoving his thumb over his shoulder at the door, “’ick it down will ya?” he stated moving out of the way. Everyone looked at Gottri who grumbled for a change that it was a shoddy people of human work and it disturbed him anything that needed to be destroyed needed only his services. I rolled my eyes and mentioned to the group that if no one else figured out Gregor was not a merchant but a thief, possibly even a grave robber, and might know a thing or two about opening a door. I apologized to Gregor since it was quite blunt but he had to admit I was right. When the rest of the party looked at him he just explained he still preferred entrepreneur.

Gottri told him he should probably kick down the door. Gregor asked for some room before trying to bash into the door with his shoulder. Him slamming hard against it and caving to a pile on the door groaning in pain didn’t really impress us much. Gottri sighed and hefted his ax until the guy asked us to step back again he just needed to get his bearing on where to hit. Gregor crashed through on his second attempt falling down again in a pile. Shedding like into the closet showed it was a walk in closet, boxes littered the ground hastily opened and emptied it seemed, Rudi found a journal of Ruprecht, a manifesto of a madman it seemed. There was a temple in the back to Nurgle inside the garden maze but to get through one must have a sigil of the ‘lord of flies’. He found another journal of Ruprecht from when he was younger and his thoughts of develop his talents in magic. Ruprecht had found out his father was dealing in chaos tainted contraband. Ruprecht moved from wanting to learn magic and help people to someone who wanted to be tainted by chaos magic.

It was a believable tale, a bright and intelligent boy who wanted to learn magic could not do so by his father’s wishes who was dealing in chaos tainted contraband and getting rich off it until his son found out. Spurned by his father and the tendrils of learning magic through means of chaos turned the young Ruprecht into someone drunk on the powers of chaos and magic and clearly growing more insane by the minute, a psychopath. We went down to the ground floor and found a library. We searched around for anything of value. We found a few books that seemed to be worth something and not unholy in nature. There was a mild argument about Rudi shoving the books into a sack, but I asked if anyone else wanted to actually carry the books, Rudi explained he wasn’t going to sell them and keep on the money himself. I also reminded everyone they were embarrassing themselves in front of Gregor. This shut everyone up for the most part. We found a study next with business ledgers and various books, the desk had a locked drawer and we all turned to Gregor who stepped forward slamming the butt of his sword into the draw, unfortunately he hit his elbow in the process sending him rolling around on the ground holding his arm in pain. Gottri shaking his head took a step towards the desk to which Gregor jumped up and wanted another chance at it. He ended up putting a nick in the table top before Gottri just pushed him aside cleaving the bottom drawer from the rest of the desk and looking into the drawer rummaging around with the tip of his ax. Rudi grumbled when he found something of interest since it was in cursive. Ruprecht’s father had received word of Ruprecht skulking around the warehouse and threatening the workers.

In the kitchen we found an odd pendant with the shape of a fly on it. We made our way through the dining room and the ghostly visage of a woman appeared before us jerking and twitching with black ichor squirting from her began to ramble ‘Kill the killer’. No one knew what to make of this when before she vanished. Her absence was just a queue for us it seemed to move on. With the main floor searched we came to the cellar door, Gottri volunteered Gregor to go first with the torch. Rudi tried to negotiate with the man for his cooperation, 5% of the gains plus being at the ground level of a sky rocketing criminal empire did have future advantages later. The stink of rot and spoiled wine whaffs up to our nostrils curdling our stomachs slightly, Gregor’s torch waving shows the ground to be covered at the base of the stairs with insects that move almost like a shimmering black wave above and around the refuse of the cellar. The glimmer of another pendant caught our eye which we have Gregor pick up, cunningly he picks it up with the tip of his sword and burns it, sending the beetles on it shrieking away before it’s dropped into Rudi’s sack.

Out of the shadows a figure moves closer to us. As he whispers phlem gurgling in his mouth about his son and how he didn’t want to kill her. He mentioned unspeakable things were let loose on the manor. He begged us to come closer and to set him free. I raise my bow to put him out of his misery and the party oddly enough just wanted to have a conversation with him. Rudi walked forward as Haleon asked if he was Lucius When he commented he was he steps from the shadows a man, once, Haleon demanded to know where his son was to which he only replied that he had done this to him. He said a little louder to be set free. After backing to the wall he came forward fully into the light, he seemed already dead from the look in his eyes, haggard a large lump on his back hobbled him over insect legs and eyes stared at us from over his shoulder, Rudi commented with a squeaked ‘that’s not very attractive at all!’ as he veered towards us.

Growing impatient I finally just step to the front and let loose an arrow at the beetle, the man swerved taking the arrow right in the eye or what was left from his face before collapsing forward, the beetle pulled itself free of the body and hunched backwards as if to leap. My image was the last thing it saw as I sent it flying backwards to the wall where it stuck nailed into place on the wall by another of my arrows. I sighed and turn looking at the group explaining I’d be outside, I muttered we really shouldn’t even think of negotiations with those of chaos or the undead… the thing clearly had other thoughts. Outside the rest of the group soon followed. Once outside I mentioned that the man probably with the beetle controlling him made the rest of the beetle from his wife… the parents of the child upstairs probably could not be saved either. We leave the house and Haleon inquired to why we needed to go to the temple. Wertha and I were in immediate agreement to go there to in the very least destroy it since it was an abomination. Gregor offered to leave since we didn’t need his services anymore. With loaded weapons on hands on the hilt of melee weapons we did insist on him staying within our company. I asked Ursala if setting fire to the Nurgle tainted house was a good idea to ‘cleanse’ it to which she agreed. Rudi and I looked at each other knowingly quickly setting the front area of the main floor ablaze before rushing out. Ursula suddenly realized the little girl was still in there I watched her to see if she would dash in. She came to terms I think with the girl already being tainted by Nurgle, letting her live would only mean letting the pestilence that she might cause spread.

We made our way to behind the house. Ursula was not happy with me or Rudi. To the side of the garden we saw a small greenhouse. We made our way inside seeing all sorts of terrible small plants and fungi. We found nothing of interest besides another sigil. Haleon wondered if finding the temple was actually worth it. Rudi commented that someone went through a lot of trouble to keep people out so it’d probably be in our best interest to not let the temple be. Ursula agreed grudgingly with Rudi being right that letting a temple of Nurgle alone was like letting a sickness fester and spread. Wertha commented this was most likely where the ritual would have to take place as well. We all agreed to go in but I pointed out we needed sigils to get through safely. This was a small argument on how to get through due to my previous ingression of almost killing myself everyone took it more to heart as an actual concern. With the party close together Ursala and Wertha lead us to the center eventually.

In the center of the maze we found a large pile of oily blue black flesh. We really didn’t know what to make of such things. As it quivered and opens I put my hands up and shake my head not to go forwards and everyone takes steps back, I already had my bow out and notched an arrow, I didn’t know what a pile of flesh was capable of but I wasn’t going to underestimate it. Gottri suggested I shot it to which I was somewhat inclined, Rudi put a hand up and made first contact by yelling, ‘Oy! ‘ou!’ and waited for a response. It pulsated and quivered. Haleon let loose an arrow but nothing really happened. I asked Rudi what he had read in the journal about this being a place for troops to be transported to. Looking around I didn’t see a temple so I wouldn’t figure out what was going on unless this was a doorway to the temple. Wertha wanted to tie a necklace and pendant on a rope and dangle it close to the pile, it twitch and seemed to be sucked towards it or was trying to suck the pendant in.

As we discuss what to do the ground shook a bit and the portal opens a black thing formed and bubbled up as it pops we see three people in sickly green robes. They look at us surprised covered in goo with hand weapons. I let loose arrows at the one in the middle one sinking into his shoulder. I mention to Gregor to throw the torch at them. Haleon let loose an arrow at the wounded member as well. Rudi fired off a shot sending the cultist flying down the pile of flesh to the ground in a heap dead. Wertha swirled the winds of chaos around her and suddenly a green bolt shot out and into one of the men, he screamed as thorns popped through his robe out his face contorting in pain and shock. Ursala cast a prayer on Gottri and Gottri launched himself at the cultist to our right slamming his ax down as he landed in front of the person. They wobbled before falling backwards into the tunnel as well dead. Gregor let loose two arrows but missed giving the remaining guy enough time to look around and start climbing back down into the hole.

Rudi yelled out “I wouldn’t do that if I were you…”. With an arrow aimed right at him I explained, “Eye sockets, Nostrils, or Mouth, if you don’t stop two of those are going to get plugged by arrows.” He stopped having three bows and a pistol aimed at him until I ordered him to stand up out of the hole and to drop his weapon. Gottri asked him where the pit lead to which the cultist explained he didn’t know. Rudi pointed out he had to know where he was since he came out the hole and was going back in it otherwise he wouldn’t have popped out. The cultist thought about his excuse and Rudi’s logic his eyes looking up as he worked it out mental and chided himself since he was caught in a pretty obvious lie. Haleon demanded to know where Ruprecht was to which he looked at us and referred to him as Master. He explained he couldn’t say since he would have his soul and his life. I shrugged and admitted that might be true but we could let him live and just take his legs. I motioned to Gottri being able to chop off both his legs without him feeling it until he hit the ground two feet shorter, no pun intended. He asked what we needed to know since it sounded like he’d rather not be left living with no legs than maybe killed at some other day. He explained Ruprecht hadn’t been there for many days. Eventually it just turned into talk about Nurgle and propaganda about how he was so ‘great’. Gottri asked if a child named Karl had been at the temple. Gregor put two arrows in him before he could answer either way. Supposedly the man disgusted him was his reason but he also put doubt and mistrust in all of our heads. Ursula knew how to purify the temple but we still had to figure out how to get in.

Haleon and Gottri decided the easiest way through was just to hack at the pile of flesh. I looked at Rudi as we both backed up the area reeked even moreso. Half of the way through Gottri starts to chuckle louder and swings more violently until he’s laughing hysterically and his ax is a blur through the flesh of the thing on the ground. We made our way down into the temple through the living quarters and eventually came to a set of doors, after coming in we found a hall with a small room to the side, the room looked like living quarters but not as squallier as the bed rags and maggots we had seen before. Wertha and Ursula pointed out an open book of unintelligent writing; before we could discuss what to do I simply touched the torch to it and knocked it to the ground. Problem solved you were think. We found in the next room what seemed to be a small library, filled with books on disease, history of Nurgle, and general bad things. Wertha found a book that seemed interesting but upon further inspection it is a book on tainted subjects. Knocking all the books to the middle of the room into a pile I set ablaze these books as well. We pass through the mess hall area and everyone looked at me as I nodded commenting nothing to burn here. In the kitchen Rudi looked in the pantry and meat locker. Since he had nothing in hand on leaving I assumed it was to vile even for him. We come to the only door we hadn’t checked, this door had stairs leading down which was good due to how much smoke my fires had caused already. This hall was littered on its sides with prison like cells. Several have lumpy masses probably once human. One cell had a hand lash out, a man his front covered in blood weezes at our direction as his eyes focus on us in the torchlight. The cell next to him has a body in it an arm free of flesh and human teeth marks around the shoulder. As he shrieked at us Gregor moved in front of us and ran the man through with his sword. Between the sounds of the man dying, his shrieks, and the smoke we were pretty sure who ever was down here knew someone else was too. We heard a rhythmic chanting ahead which was good it meant they probably hadn’t noticed us yet. Wertha seeing the people said she perceived chaos magic. I commented I did as well.

Nine Cultist, Tobias, Karl, and a Priest of Nurgle turn and see us the cultists with mad looks in their eyes rush towards us. In the thick of the mob rushing us I shot two arrows with Haleon felling him. Rudi aimed through the crowd at the priest holding a necklace over his head and let loose a bullet that caused him to scream out in pain. Wertha swirled magic winds around her immediately making the man drop the necklace. It probably seemed like it was from the pain to the man though. Ursala prayed over Gottri before he pulled out throwing axes and lobbed them into the crowd. One sank into a cultist with Gregor finishing him off. For someone we just meet it was surprising how easily he felt letting loose such bloodlust. As the cultist closed the distance and surrounded the ones of us in front I dropped my bow and moved in front of Rudi taking out my sword and shield. Haleon pulled her spear and shield out and thrust into one of the cultist in front of her. Rudi pulled a pistol and shot into the crowd from behind us. Wertha groaned as her spell fizzled. Ursala cast a prayer on Haleon. Gottri laughed as he slammed his ax into the wounded cultist. Gregor’s blade came soon after finishing him off his blade slicing though his throat killing the cultist. I clashed blades with a cultist that tried to attack me, Gottri sidestepped an attack that got through his defense. I slam into the cultist in front of me evading his defense and cut him down. Haleon attacked the closest Cultist but it was just enough to keep him at bay. Rudi whistling behind me let me know he was reloading.

Wertha chanted out a spell and the chanting over the crescendo turned to profane cursing as the priest had dropped the necklace again. Ursala roared out from behind Gottri and slammed her staff into the side of the head of a cultist several times until he fell over. Gottri complimented her before slashing out with his ax as well falling a cultist with just one swipe explaining that it’s all in the follow through. Gregor attempted to attack but did little to injure the opponents left. The last of the cultist didn’t do anything much as well, it probably surprised Tobias that his minions had mostly all fallen in half a minute meaning he would be next. Tobias pushes Karl to the side and starts to cast. I slashed at the cultist closest to me wounding him before yelling over my shoulder Tobias is waving his arms again, everyone remembered last time he did this he vomited acid on us. Haleon pulled her bow and aimed at the priest chanting, Rudi nodded and did likewise at least getting a look of confusion on his face. I realized he probably couldn’t see Rudi over the dead bodies from his vantage point. Wertha chanted a swirl of green towards Tobias thorns spouted on him. Ursala attacked the Nurglite in front of us again clubbing him to heavily wound him. Gottri slashed the wounded man lopping off a body part or two in the process and kicking the remains out of his path of destruction. Gregor attacked the priest but did little to distract him. A cultist looked at us with wild eyes and slashed at Gregor causing the man to curse out in pain. I finished off the cultist closest to me while Haleon shot an arrow in his direction while Rudi reloaded.

Wertha cast another spell green energy wrapping around the priest as well thorns encircling him. Ursala clubbed the last cultist to the ground. Gottri hearing noises behind us turn and rushed to the back since he was fresh out of axes to throw. Gregor shot Tobias through the chest causing him to stumble. Seeing hallunications it seemed he scream out about the horrors in front of him looking up into the air. Suddenly from the smoke the lady in white and six bodyguards and Gottri grumbled motioning for Rudi to talk to her who was still reloading his rifle. Rudi stammered out a greeting after she engaged us in banter. Tobias stumbled to the ground a thorn bush forming around him and I took the time to pepper the priest with arrows. Something rips through Tobias’ body and crawls over to a drain and out of the temple. Rudi talked to the lady in white about making a deal. She asked what we proposed and Haleon suggested we take the boy and the necklace, she didn’t kill us and we part ways. The vampire explained she hardly thought that a fair deal in her favor. Rudi cut in and said that’s why we were making a deal we bid high in our favor she did the opposite and we meet in the middle someplace. We waited for a counter offer. She simply explained that she was there to take Karl to his mother. When we inquired about the fact his mother was dead, she smiled and said his ‘real’ mother. When we inquired who his real mother was she explained she couldn’t throw it out this far into the game whom his mother was. Just handing over the boy was her demand and she didn’t seem to want to negotiate it. Haleon asked if she didn’t want the necklace to which Rudi hushed her. I mentioned Haleon’s question was due to the apparent price it held for being jewelry.

Rudi did ask what she was going to do with him since we had chased him from side of the empire to another we felt we had a stake in the boy’s future as well. Besides he just wanted to know if handing over the boy would cause the world as we know it to fall into chaos of a demonic or undead army. I didn’t notice at first but I figure getting her mind on other things probably would keep her mind off of trying to kill us. I asked Rudi if he should probably tell her the boy had just escaped. Her head jerked on me focusing first at me then around me into the room. She almost snared barking out for her men to check outside for him to show up. The lady in white pushed past us rushing to the door.

Rudi picked up the necklace a lot of thoughts came to my head and a list of things, was the necklace evil by nature (chaos?), did we have time to purify the temple before giving chase, if we had enough distance could we kill the Lady in White between us and her alone? I didn’t know but we had only a few seconds before the fire would reach us I think.



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